Dexter Lumis will be out for about a month

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Dexter Lumis will be out for about a month

In recent weeks, WWE has sent several new storylines to the stage, both in its main roster and at NXT, with the federation's third brand that after the rebirth to NXT 2.0, has received news, both in terms of lights, the arena, the format and the roster, both as regards the storylines and the freshness with which the WWE proposes the new on-screen projects.

After seeing the debut of several new faces on the screens of the weekly episodes of NXT, there were also several attacks by the heels of the third brand of the company against the darlings of the public of the WWE show. In last week's episode, we saw for example Dexter Lumis being struck by the duo formed by Trick Williams and the North American champion, Carmelo Hayes.

The two used a chair to hit Dexter Lumis' hand, so as to put him out of the game for some time, Lumis being their most formidable opponent.

New details on Dexter Lumis

Through some updates that Dexter Lumis' on-screen wife, or Indi Hartwell (in Lumis), wanted to release, the fighter would have fractured a hand after the attack of the two NXT heels.

Obviously, the whole thing is the result of the WWE storyline and kayfabe, so in reality, the athlete would be fine, but he will still have to stay out of the scene for a while, to better sell his injury. With some comments, videos and some photos, Indi made it known that the most difficult thing for his wife is seeing Lumis not being able to draw the usual cartoons of her, due to the fracture of her hand.

Although nothing has been officially announced by WWE, when it comes to a fracture, the recovery time of a fractured part of the human body, it takes at least a month to return healthy, with the athlete who could thus return no sooner.

30 days after his attack. Furthermore, being Johnny Gargano engaged in the men's War Games alongside Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne and LA Knight, against Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Tony D'Angelo and Grayson Waller, it is very likely that WWE will really keep his fighter out of sight.

"injured", so as to best sell the injury of his enemies, to then be able to calmly return him once the War Games are over, where at the moment Lumis does not figure, but where he could still make a surprise appearance.

On WWE Digital, it was revealed that the former Samuel Shaw had suffered an osteochondral lesion to the ankle during his match against Balor and Thatcher. And while it was questioned whether the injury was legitimate or not, reports eventually confirmed that Dexter Lumis would not be competing on the August 22nd card.