Ryback is open to re-signing for WWE if...

The former Intercontinental Champion rejected a new deal in 2016

by Simone Brugnoli
Ryback is open to re-signing for WWE if...

While speaking on The Ryback Show, the former WWE Superstar revealed the one condition that must be met for his possible return to the McMahon-owned company. Ryback revealed that Vince McMahon must step down and there must be new leadership in the company.

"I will be very open to returning to WWE if it is sold. I have always been quite frank. If Vince McMahon is out of there and there is brand new leadership, then I will be very interested in revisiting it, because that will be beneficial to me as a brand and as a performer, to go back to where I am known, where I have built an audience that is already well aware of who I am."

Ryback plans to return to the ring

After seeing Mansoor's match won in Crown Jewel, with his current enemy being Mustafa Ali, former leader of the Retribution stable, Ryback wanted to make fun of Mansoor's character and role quite heavily, writing on his personal Twitter profile: "Vince McMahon you can give Mansoor Steve Austin's music too and he won't go over anyway.

Holy shit, your product really sucks." In response, the Saudi WWE athlete wanted to repost a screen of one of the latest polls done by Ryback, with the athlete asking his fans where he should return to fight, in what great promotion or if by chance he should retire, with most fans voting for the latest guess and Mansoor having a big laugh after comments from the former WWE cyborg.

So we could also say that as much as Ryback wants to return to the Stamford company, the fans are not so much in agreement and would prefer a retirement from the wrestler's ring, not really loved by everyone. But then honestly said, McMahon will perhaps retire when he is in his grave, so he waits and hopes for Ryback, with the public also who know him, but maybe that's why he doesn't want him anymore.

After a three-year absence from wrestling, the former WWE Superstar plans to return to the ring when he has fully recovered from a shoulder issue. With AEW gaining momentum, Ryback believes the wrestling business will become a better place if WWE gets sold: “On one hand, you have one thing which I think is coming to an end [Vince McMahon’s ownership of WWE].

There’s a lot of bad that has been done by that person, and his time is coming to an end with that. I think a new company can come in and take that brand name and then really, really make the wrestling business even better. Then we have two kick-a** top companies that treat wrestlers great, hopefully, over time,” he said.

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