The Undertaker pays tribute to Omos

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The Undertaker pays tribute to Omos

In WWE history, there have been countless "giants" who have made WWE Universe fans fall in love with the type of powerhouse fight that such athletes favor. From The Big Show to André The Giant, passing through Braun Strowman or Giant Gonzalez, without forgetting The Great Khali and Kane, every WWE era has had its own colossal athlete, who went (certainly not in a hurry given the size) to do a clean sweep of all the rings in which he became the absolute protagonist.

At the moment, WWE appears to have done without all of its over two-meter athletes, except the former Monday Night Raw duo champion, along with Aj Styles: Omos. The black giant of the red show rings, despite still taking his first steps in the Stamford-based federation rings, has already shown in recent months what he is capable of in terms of power, with some colleagues who have been thrown from a corner to the other of the ring, with just a push or a simple throw.

RAW Superstar Omos has reacted to The Undertaker showering him with major praise on the latest edition of WWE's The Bump. The Phenom made a rare appearance on the show earlier this week. He discussed a number of topics, and heaped praise on Omos.

He went as far as comparing him to Andre The Giant.

The Undertaker praises Omos

One of the most famous giants in WWE history, loved by young and old for his affable manner and fluffy face (when he was babyface) is André The Giant, a very famous member of the Hall of Fame of the McMahon company, who was put in feet right after the death of the athlete, who died prematurely without having even reached the age of 50.

Just to André, the other legendary WWE athlete, The Undertaker, wanted to compare the current WWE Omos, to the microphones of WWE The Bump, with the undertaker who in fact stated: "I will tell. There will never be another André.

But this guy is the closest there can be to that character. But he is special. Omos is special. The important thing he has to realize is that he is special and that he is different from everyone else. The usual size of wrestlers, in general, is much smaller than his.

So here we have a guy with incredible athleticism, but also a man of extraordinary physical strength. It's important that he protect this thing. Many times, guys like him don't understand how important he is. He and I had a couple of conversations about what he should do and what not. If things get too animated, call me."

The Undertaker