Keith Lee shows off a striking new look

Keith Lee was one of the most shocking names on the list of WWE Superstars who were released this year

by Simone Brugnoli
Keith Lee shows off a striking new look

In recent months, WWE has wanted to carry out numerous layoffs that came as a bolt from the blue on the skies of the company, with one of the last names also quite renowned being cut from the main roster of the company, which is that of Keith Lee, former North American champion of NXT and absolute champion of the yellow show.

After losing his last belt in the rings of the federation's third brand in favor of Karrion Kross (who also returned in the latest WWE releases along with his future wife Scarlett), Keith Lee had been transferred to the rings of the main roster, only to be absent for several months due to complications from Covid, which had even led him to believe he was dying for a few weeks.

After all this odyssey, Keith Lee managed to get back in shape for the rings, returning to the scene with the WWE only a few weeks, only to be released permanently, due to the unhappiness of his fans who have followed him since before his arrival on the WWE ring.

Latest news on Keith Lee

Former WWE Superstar Keith Lee could potentially reunite with his former tag team partner Shane Taylor. Before Keith Lee worked in WWE, he competed alongside Taylor in a tag team under the name Pretty Boy Killers or PBK.

Now that Lee has been released, his old tag team partner has opened up about the possibility of working together once again. With the last photo that the massive wrestler wanted to share on his Twitter channel, the "limitless" former WWE athlete showed a side of himself that he has always had to keep hidden in the federation's rings, for a mere aesthetic question.

Since the age of 16, in fact, Keith began to have numerous white hairs due to a matter of genetics, which has led him now, at the age of 37, to have almost totally white hair, (like Fabrizio Ravanelli, the well-known Italian footballer for those who follow football).

But let's see what the well-known wrestler wanted to write under the photo of him for the American thanksgiving: “Here's a funny fact about me. I've been getting white hair since I was 16! Personally, I like it. I was hoping they were all white.

Unfortunately, many do not understand science and associate it with the 'only' question of age. Happy Thanksgiving folks. Be thankful for the things you have." Keith Lee was one of the most shocking names on the list of WWE Superstars who were released this year.

He was brought back under the name Keith "Bearcat" Lee after being absent from television for most of 2021. His real-life partner Mia Yim was also released from the company.

Keith Lee