WWE loses pieces in Asia


WWE loses pieces in Asia

In recent years, the WWE had begun a literally frightening process of global expansion, with WWE having also opened offices in Japan, India, England and many other countries around the world, where insiders they were also thinking of bringing a Performance Center to train all the new generation of the company, and then take them to America, once they were ready for the big leap.

All this, obviously before the outbreak of the global pandemic, which has dampened almost all the enthusiasm of the WWE and the world of the discipline in general, with the WWE that has gone so far as to lay off only a hundred employees, in all its Japanese offices, closing offices and closing collaborations with important companies in the country of the Asian rising sun.

Apparently, however, these were not the only bad news coming from Japan, with WWE also losing its television deal in the last few hours, which would have brought several millions of dollars into its pockets in the coming years, but which by now they will not come anymore.

J Sports unloads WWE in Japan

With a press release also reported on the social pages of the Japanese television broadcaster, J Sports wanted to make it clear to the fans of the Stamford company who followed the exploits of the WWE Superstars, that from the next few weeks, WWE will no longer be able to broadcast Monday Night Raw.

nor Friday Night Smackdown on their TV screens, as the 2022 agreement with the federation has not been renewed. This is the comment in the original language of the channel that had the rights of the WWE until this year: After losing expansion plans also in South America and Australia, Japan also loses a great piece of pro-wrestling from next year, with WWE remaining on Japanese TV screens only in the form of "This Week in WWE", aired every week on Samurai TV.

We will see if in the next few months WWE will be able to close some other new agreement with a new television station, to also reprise its most important tapings on Japanese TV screens. The Undertaker is one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the history of the business and a surefire WWE Hall Of Famer.

With a 26 year career in WWE, The Undertaker has done it all during his WWE career and is considered a living legend today. He also has one of the most famous streaks in professional wrestling which was only ended by Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30.

Prior to becoming the ‘Phenom’, Taker had a fairly unsuccessful career in WCW where he was told by booker Ole Anderson that he’d never get over.