Matt Hardy explains why he left WWE


Matt Hardy explains why he left WWE

One of the many athletes who have made the leap of the fence to go from working with the WWE to the AEW Khan family is Matt Hardy, multiple world champion of the Stamford company, who in his career has managed to get to numerous titles both on the WWE rings and on those of various other companies, such as ROH or TNA.

In his last stint in the WWE rings, before his deal lapsed, the eldest of the Hardy brothers had literally been used as a stopgap by the Stamford-based company, with the WWE ring veteran being quite bitter about it, with his wife Reby Sky, who also lashed out at the company several times for this treatment.

At the moment, it seems that for Matt Hardy there are some new projects that would be giving a second youth to the athlete in the AEW rings, with the same extreme brother of Jeff, who wanted to talk about it in his latest interview.

Matt Hardy on his WWE experience

In his latest interview with AEW Unrestricted, Matt Hardy wanted to tell: “It was a long process. When I was in WWE and obviously also when I returned to WWE in 2017, it was very important for me to go there and leave a positive note because when I left in 2011, it was not a good place at all.

I wanted to go back for all the boys. I had a huge appreciation for WWE, for Vince McMahon and all the people who work there because I wouldn't be who I am today without them. I am aware that I am grateful for all of this with them.

I wanted to go back and work and if I left, I would do it on the right terms. Eventually, my brother got hurt, which is a very unusual and weird thing as he hasn't been hurt for 27 years of his career. He underwent a few surgeries and eventually walked away.

So I talked to Vince and the creative team about different ideas for me that I wanted to bring to the stage. They insisted on getting me to sign a new contract because AEW was just beginning to take hold. In the meantime, I already had a great relationship with the Young Bucks, since the days of ROH, when I was done with Impact, but in the end, we ended up signing again for WWE, when we then returned to Wrestlemania.

For the whole time I've been in WWE, though, for all the past 8-9 months, they've only been trying to get me back under contract, not to let me go to AEW. After not being treated the way I wanted in WWE, the AEW eventually offered me the right financial reward and at my request for the right narrative treatment as well, Tony Khan did a masterful job pitting several old-guard guys against the new AEW recruits. , which made me realize it was the right option for me."

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