Several NXT superstars have an uncertain future

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Several NXT superstars have an uncertain future

In recent months, several wrestlers have left the WWE, because they were no longer part of the future plans of the federation, which for some time now seems to be in a crisis from an economic and financial point of view.

The situation is so gray in WWE that some athletes have even decided to leave the company of their own free will, as happened with Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan. WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Dexter Lumis has been ruled out of action for over a month in the aftermath of a recent brutal attack.

Earlier this month, North American Champions Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams teamed up to launch a vicious attack on Lumis. They used steel chairs to brutalize the latter and left him with a fractured arm. Additionally, he suffered from a few broken metacarpals in the attack.

The complicated situation on NXT

One of the many athletes with the future in the balance is former NXT Champion, Johnny Gargano. Gargano would have the contract expiring with WWE for several weeks and still would not have decided to renew with the federation.

On Johnny Gargano's possible farewell from WWE, well-known journalist Dave Meltzer revealed: “Johnny Gargano has his contract expiring on December 3rd. According to several, he would have signed a one-week extension until December 10 so that he could do NXT WarGames and end his rivalry.

He's not 100% sure but he may as well leave WWE and is considering all his options. He hasn't signed any contracts yet. They haven't offered him a 7-day contract but they want him to sign a multi-year contract that hasn't been signed yet.

He didn't and that says very definitely about a possible goodbye. He is keeping an eye on all alternatives. There is a lot to think about from his point of view. Contrary to what happened with Adam Cole, there was only one decision to make for Adam while for Gargano, there are probably at least two and I don't know in which direction he is going.

If he was strongly inclined to stay, they probably would have convinced him to continue but that didn't happen. So the situation is still to be evaluated." Another NXT athlete with the future in the balance is Kyle O'Reilly.

At the moment even for him his intentions are not yet known, in case of farewell and signing with AEW, however, both Bobby Fish and Adam Cole could be waiting for an Undisputed Era reunion. Both, therefore, both Gargano and O’Reilly could sign with any federation once their contract with WWE expires.