Did the Survivor Series hit a big flop this year?

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Did the Survivor Series hit a big flop this year?

The last great WWE ppv that has now closed the paid events of 2021 for the McMahon-owned company, was Survivor Series, which aired just a week ago and which saw several great champions of the federation clash, in the matches Champion vs Champion, as well as several other Superstars, who took part in traditional matches to eliminate the historical ppv.

During the Series, we have in fact seen huge contests such as Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch or Big E vs Roman Reigns, with the respective champions of both the main roster of the company and therefore Raw and Smackdown, who have given themselves a good reason in every contest.

of the card, leaving WWE Universe fans happy with the outcome of the challenges. What, however, the WWE and the rest of the fans of the company did not expect, is that the media response arrived from the ppv, was one of the lowest ever in the period since the advent of the internet also in pro-wrestling.

Data in hand, in fact, the pay-per-view of WWE's Survivor Series generated very little online interest, unlike the PPV staged only a few months earlier by the AEW, or All Out.

Survivor Series got snubbed this year

According to the Wrestling Observer, Survivor Series' said to have found an online interest equal to a WWE series B show, with the Big Four event of the Stamford-based company having collected only 200,000 online searches on the well-known search engine Google.

Just consider that All Out of All Elite Wrestling, has instead received over 500,000, which is almost three times the amount achieved by the McMahon Series. Although in recent years the Series have always had this format of Raw vs Smackdown, with all the Champion vs Champion matches, this trend so low had never been recorded in the last editions, a sign that this year the WWE Universe fans have been decidedly less interested in following the PPV, even online.

Despite the great publicity made by the WWE to sponsor the event and the big names brought to the stage by the company, the Stamford-based federation did not receive the desired feedback from fans, a sign that AEW, in this context, has worked better than the number one company.

to the world in pro-wrestling. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that fans were right in thinking that The Rock would return at the show. Especially because the build-up to the show revolved around The Rock.

Plans were in place to have him return, but that could not happen due to his prior commitments: ''The original idea was that Dwayne Johnson would appear at the show. But like everything in the Dwayne Johnson world, there are projects with timetables and an idea to appear months ago had fallen through due to the filming of the second season of 'Young Rock,''' said Meltzer.