Sami Zayn Speaks About His Quest for The WWE Universal Title

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Sami Zayn Speaks About His Quest for The WWE Universal Title

Sami Zayn is a popular WWE Superstar and he recently won the Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal. He won it this week on Smackdown. Sami Zayn is looking forward to capturing the WWE Universal Title now and he spoke about it.

He wishes to challenge Roman Reigns for the title. He is very aware of the threat that currently exists. That threat is Brock Lesnar that made his WWE return several weeks ago.

Sami Zayn Speaks About His Quest for the WWE Universal Title

He believes that Brock will interfere in his quest to capture the WWE Universal Title.

He stated that he won’t let Brock Lesnar distract him from his main goal of capturing the title. “What a way to go off the air; Sami Zayn gets one of the biggest wins of his career. But, instead of going off on a career highlight for a generational talent, like Sami Zayn.

Who has been oppressed, who has been marginalized and been cast aside for months, years, conveniently, we find air time to make the blockbuster announcement for Brock Lesnar’s return. As if Brock Lesnar hasn’t had enough television time.

He needs to step on my moment?” Zayn spewed angrily. “Every week, I keep saying how there’s a conspiracy against me. I don’t even need to say anything anymore because it is clear as day to anybody these deliberate attacks on Sami.

But it’s fine. I need to focus because I’m now next in line for Roman Reigns and the Universal Championship. This is something we don’t get in WWE very often”. Sami Zayn stated that he wishes to win the title to redeem himself.

Sami started his main roster career alongside Kevin Owens. Since the split, he has not been doing well as a solo wrestler and his recent win is one of the highlights of his career. “This is going to be redemption,” Zayn reflected.

“This is going to be justice, after all, I have been put through for so long. Sami Zayn finally takes on Roman Reigns, whenever that may be, I will finally have redemption. It’s going to be great”. Sami Zayn is one of the many indie wrestlers that joined WWE NXT a few years ago.

He was a very famous indie wrestler and started his career as a babyface. He now works as a heel wrestler and had a few memorable segments over the past year on WWE TV.

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