Adam Pearce Speaks About Brock Lesnar Returning to Smackdown

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Adam Pearce Speaks About Brock Lesnar Returning to Smackdown

Adam Pearce is a prominent WWE Official and he spoke about Brock Lesnar’s upcoming return to Smackdown next week. Brock Lesnar is one of WWE’s most popular superstars. Although he is a part-time wrestler, reportedly he is still paid very well.

He also has a lot of creative control and is portrayed as an indestructible wrestler that can just bulldoze his way through any other wrestler.

Adam Pearce Suggests That He Is Worried About The Return of Brock Lesnar

Adam Pearce is the person that suspended Brock Lesnar last month.

Brock got suspended after he lost his match against Roman Reigns at the Crown Jewel event. Brock attacked Adam and a cameraman which led to him being suspended indefinitely. On Talking Smack, Adam stated that he is not happy that Brock Lesnar is returning as that might mean trouble for him.

However, he stated that he is ready for it. “I’ll just be honest with you: As a WWE official, it would have been nice to have been included in something so big,” Pearce noted. “Now, I’m not going to argue with you or lie; he’s one of the biggest stars in our industry.

We’re all aware of that. “But by the same token, Kayla, what he did was monumental, in a completely negative way. He put his hands on me; he put his hands on a cameraman and put everybody at risk. He’s coming back next week, and how do I react to that? I think it sucks.

“So, I’m going to have to walk these halls, and I’m going to have to stare Brock Lesnar in the eye. He’s going to look me in the eye and know I took a big chunk out of his wallet, and I sent him home.

And now, he’s back”. Brock Lesnar became an even bigger star after he left the WWE and joined UFC, where he won the UFC Heavyweight Title. He rejoined the company after he lost a few of his matches at the UFC and is reportedly retired from MMA, although he did not make it official.

He returned to the WWE as a part-time performer back in 2012 to immediately start a feud with John Cena. Since then, he has mostly carried a title around his waist and has been criticized for being a selfish professional that only cares about his image, money and his own brand. That being said, he did help push Drew Mcintyre to the top by dropping the WWE Universal Title to him.

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