Eric Bischoff Speaks About Why Vince McMahon Will Not Sell WWE

Eric Bischoff Explains Why Vince McMahon Will Not Sell the WWE

by Altamush Nayyer Khan
Eric Bischoff Speaks About Why Vince McMahon Will Not Sell WWE

Eric Bischoff is a former RAW General Manager, and he spoke about why he believes Vince McMahon will never sell the WWE. Many people believe that Vince McMahon is thinking about selling the WWE, as the WWE has released many popular superstars.

People have speculated that this is in preparation to sell the WWE, as releasing their most valuable wrestlers makes their bottom line look better. The WWE has released 80 superstars this year alone. Eric Bischoff spoke this on the 83 Weeks podcast.

According to Vince, he will want his family to continue his legacy.

Eric Bischoff Explains Why Vince McMahon Will Not Sell the WWE

“One of the reasons I was so steadfast in my opinion that WWE under Vince McMahon will never sell is because of the strong impression that I had over many, many years and even working with Vince very closely for a short time, it’s so obvious to me that Vince holds the legacy of his father and grandfather so highly,” Bischoff said.

“It’s evident when you walk into Vince’s office, right? It’s not a mystery, you can figure it out pretty quickly. I’ve just always believed because of that legacy and how highly apparent to me that Vince holds that legacy, and that he’s got Stephanie and Shane and by virtue of marriage Triple H, and he’s got grandchildren.

I just would believe that, I’ve always believed that Vince would be far more predisposed to allowing his family to carry on that legacy that means so much to Vince”. Eric then spoke about why WWE is so unwilling to change.

According to Eric, he was the only person that forced Vince to change during the Monday Night Wars. Eric believes that the WWE needs to change to grow its audience. “It is undeniable that the product is formulaic, in fact so formulaic that I think cookie-cutter is another good example,” Eric Bischoff said.

“Unfortunately the style and the presentation of WWE, whether it’s RAW or SmackDown, is so formulaic and cookie-cutter that, yes, there are different names that you’re watching on screen, but everything else is exactly the same.

I think that’s one of the things that’s hurting WWE in terms of ratings or growing [the audience]. Let’s be honest, in terms of ratings, WWE is doing just fine compared to other television programs, and they’re making money hand over fist in the process.

Wonderful for them. But when you look at audience attrition and the fact that nobody’s really building a new audience, yes they’re satisfying a new audience but how long has it been since anybody’s actually built, and embraced, and attracted people that hadn’t been wrestling fans? It hasn’t happened since Nitro, and nothing is happening today that leaves me to believe it’s going to happen in the future.

Everybody will make the existing audience happy but nobody is really growing the audience. In WWE’s case, I think it’s incumbent upon them to change the format and quit being so damn predictable and focus on the episodic nature of the product, and do things that make people remember or realize that, yes, this show is live and by virtue of being live, you can’t afford to miss it cause anything can happen.

To me, that is such a fundamental fix and way to approach the business. There’s no reason not to do it, there really isn’t. It drives me crazy”.

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