Paul Heyman pays tribute to Roman Reigns

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Paul Heyman pays tribute to Roman Reigns

During his WWE career, Roman Reigns has captured the heavyweight title three times, the Universal Championship twice, and once each the Intercontinental title, the United States Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The Samoan-born wrestler turns out to be the 17th athlete in history to have completed the 'Grand Slam' As of 2014, Reigns was chosen by Vince Mcmahon as the new federation symbol, but his rise to the top was marked by more shadows than lights.

Only the sensational turn heel and the new alliance with Paul Heyman allowed Roman to fully express his enormous talent. During a lengthy Sports Illustrated interview, Heyman dwelt on the vehement rise of the 'Tribal Chief' over the past year.

The Universal champion also made a big splash at the Survivor Series, the last PPV of 2021, in which he beat WWE Champion Big E.

Paul Heyman praises Roman Reigns

“I think Big E put in a great performance at the Survivor Series, he shouldn't be heartbroken.

Away from his New Day friends, relying on his strength alone, he has given birth to an exciting battle with Roman Reigns” - explained Paul Heyman. "The latest pay-per-view showed us once again the gigantic gap between Roman and all of his opponents.

It has reached a level that has never been touched in this business. Very few believed that - after stopping for a while in 2020 - he would come back even stronger than before. Performing in front of the public motivates him more than anything else in the world ”- he added.

The 'Mad Genius' also spoke of the young Gable Steveson: "I am personally responsible for all the decisions that have affected Gable in recent months. It was I who organized his training with Brock Lesnar at the University of Minnesota, which also helped him win the gold medal at the Olympics.

For the rest, no one is able to know for sure how he will fare in WWE." Roman Reigns has been the backbone of WWE for the last couple of years. However, The Tribal Chief has hinted that he could be leaving Vince McMahon's promotion soon.

During his promo on Friday Night SmackDown this week, Reigns referred to himself as "the greatest of all time". He then went on to subtly mention that his days with WWE could be done sooner than later. "I'm the greatest of all time.

And when my days are done around here, which could be sooner than later, the whole world will acknowledge me," said Roman Reigns.

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