Several segments announced for Raw

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Several segments announced for Raw

After winning his feud against Seth Rollins, in the rings of Crown Jewel, where the two athletes had clashed in a Hell in a Cell to the death, WWE Rated R Superstar, Edge, disappeared from the ring for a few weeks. of the McMahon-owned company, so as not to waste precious appearances of his contract.

Since he returned to fight in the WWE, in fact, Edge has predetermined dates in his calendar in the ring, not wanting to tire too much, for the conditions in which his body is currently over forty. Despite this, the WWE Hall of Famer is still churning out excellent performances, although some fans or insiders complain about the not-so-high pace of his contests, compared to those of more than 10 years ago.

In the last few hours, the WWE has wanted to confirm when we will see the multiple world champion of the federation, to the happiness of his fans, who will not have to wait long. There are few women on the current WWE roster as talented and dominant as Becky Lynch.

The reigning Raw Women's Champion exuberates class every time she steps into the squared circle. At the recently concluded Survivor Series 2021 pay-per-view, The Man overcame one of the most formidable forces in women's wrestling, the Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

Latest news on Raw

For the next episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE wanted to announce that after a few weeks there will be the return on-screen of Edge, which could make a big announcement for his career and therefore we could talk about a title shot, of a challenge or even of his inclusion in the Royal Rumble of 2022, a contest that this year he has already won and then goes to clash with Roman Regns and Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania.

Let's remember how Edge will return to present himself on Raw after months, due to the effects of the Draft that have moved him to the red show, right together with Rollins. In addition, again for the episode of Raw on Monday night, the WWE announced two other segments, namely the clash between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, which had already been there in the last episode but which in the end had been postponed (segment in which Seth was then attacked by the fan) and another match between WWE Champion Big E and Kevin Owens (not valid for the title), his current opponent after the Canadian's turn heel a few weeks ago.