Cryptic social message from Alexa Bliss about her return

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Cryptic social message from Alexa Bliss about her return

It's been a while since Monday Night Raw's beautiful wrestler Alexa Bliss has been absent from the company's rings. The last time we saw the woman in the ring was to face Charlotte Flair in a match titled to Extreme Rules but The Goddess of the WWE was defeated and at the end of the match, she burst into tears after the female champion tore her beloved to pieces.

doll and friend Lilly. For months Alexa Bliss had been playing a 'supernatural' character who saw her first near The Fiend and then starring after the sensational release of Bray Wyatt by Vince Mcmahon's company.

Is Alexa Bliss still in WWE?

Alexa Bliss is both a former RAW and SmackDown Women's Champion.

Little Miss Bliss has always been regarded as one of the most successful female Superstars in all of WWE. But it has certainly been a while since Alexa Bliss graced the WWE Universe with her presence felt on WWE programming.

The last time Bliss was seen on TV was back at Extreme Rules 2021. She shared the ring with Charlotte Flair on that occasion, for the RAW Women's Championship. The official reason for the absence of Alexa Bliss from the company is not known, but several rumors speak of an operation on the woman's sinuses.

It was not clear whether this rather delicate operation was due to problems in the breathing phase or if it concerned a congenital aesthetic problem or if it was only due to some injury in the ring. The wrestler often publishes news and photos about her private life but on her social networks, there are several fans who request information on her return to the ring.

In the last few hours, there has been a social back and forth involving the WWE wrestler. A fan inquired about her condition and her current status and the wrestler's prompt response came immediately. Here is the question by the curious fan: "Alexa Bliss when will you be back in WWE?", The question of the fan and The Goddess of the WWE reacted: The woman replied with a simple "I need time to recover." without clarifying whether this recovery concerns the nose operation or other problems.

With this information, new rumors have grown and there is a lot of curiosity about how and when the wrestler will return and if she will still be in the shoes of that imaginative and curious character. We at Worldwrestling hope that the wrestler can improve and recover to return to the WWE rings as soon as possible.

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