Smackdown: Charlotte Flair cut a promo to establish her dominance

Charlotte Flair is the most decorated female superstar in WWE history

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Charlotte Flair cut a promo to establish her dominance

Charlotte Flair reaches the ring! Queen points out that Becky Lynch at the Survivor Series beat her irregularly, but she now wants to think about the future. TONI STORM ARRIVES! Toni asks for a titled match and Flair replies that she isn't even worthy of her consideration.

Charlotte goes on the attack, but the Storm avoids her and knocks her out of the ring. The two move outside the square, where however the champion decides to throw two cakes in the face of the new rival and go away mocking her.

Backstage, Sasha Banks complains to Sonya Deville about how her theoretical allies got her killed during the Survivor Series match, but Sonya replies that she was the captain and she had to be respected.

Charlotte Flair cut a promo

The recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown featured WWE SmackDown’s Women Champion Charlotte Flair.

WWE commentator Michael Cole spoke to Charlotte about her loss at Survivor Series. As Charlotte made her statements about being the dominant woman in the WWE, she got an uninvited guest. The uninvited guest was none other than Toni Storm.

The Boss adds to the dose by saying that Deville is in charge of her and can't even keep Naomi under control, but the truth is that she is just envious of Jimmy Uso's wife, because she is more experienced and has won more titles than her.

In response, Sonya transforms into Teddy Long and establishes a random tag team match, which will be next. Both women confronted each other until another plate of the pie got onto Toni. Fans will certainly view this as a very disrespectful move from SmackDown’s Women Champion, Charlotte Flair.

Although Charlotte was defeated at Survivor Series, she hasn’t put aside her pride. Storm argued that Flair lost her match at the pay-per-view because she was losing focus and demanded a title shot. Charlotte Flair responded by hitting Storm right in the face with a plate full of Thanksgiving food.

Toni Storm addressed her segment with Charlotte Flair. Storm mentioned that she had gotten into Flair's head. The up-and-coming rookie declared she wasn't embarrassed and would in turn embarrass Charlotte by winning the SmackDown Women's Championship: "Needless to say, I'm in Charlotte's head now.

She didn't have to do this. She could have just walked away but no, she stayed and she embarrassed me. But you know what, here's some Toni Storm trivia for you. I actually don't get embarrassed. But do you know what's going to be embarrassing? It's her when I take her SmackDown Women's Championship."

Smackdown Charlotte Flair