Smackdown: The Bloodline stable gets even more powerful

The stable has Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: The Bloodline stable gets even more powerful

Black Friday # 1 Contender Battle Royal: Cesaro vs Sheamus vs Ridge Holland vs Jinder Mahal vs Shanky vs Ricochet vs Erik vs Ivar vs Sami Zayn vs Drew Gulak vs Mansoor vs Mace vs Angel vs Humberto vs Jeff Hardy vs Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss.

Mahal is the first eliminated and the director decides not to let us even see who is to blame, then Gulak leaves at the hands of Zayn and Mansoor says goodbye to the match after a kick from Sheamus and Holland. Mace realizes he has already lasted too long and gets thrown out by Moss, who then eliminates the giant Shanky as well.

Cesaro manages to eliminate Holland, but Moss also makes the Swiss fall over the third rope. Madcap and Corbin celebrate, but ... MOSS TRIES TO ELIMINATE THE FRIEND! What? The two laugh as if it were fake, but Corbin is less of an idiot than the other and, as soon as he can, he throws him out.

After the commercial, there are nine left. The festival of uselessness continues with Angel taking out Boogs, but soon after the Viking Raiders team up and force both Lotharios out. Zayn is hit and flies out, but passes under the third rope.

While Sheamus rebels against the Viking power and eliminates the Raiders. Now when Naomi is back in the WWE, the fans are going crazy with the idea of her joining ‘The Bloodline’ stable alongside her family. REMAIN SHEAMUS, RICOCHET, JEFF HARDY AND HAPPY CORBIN!

The Bloodline stable laughs

Ricochet goes out after a Brogue Kick, then a brief alliance between the two heels ends with Corbin's elimination of Sheamus. Jeff Hardy takes advantage immediately and throws Happy out ... AND IS DECLARED WINNER!

Jeff rightly exults climbing the stake... AND ZAYN PUSHES HIM DOWN! SAMI ZAYN WINS BATTLE ROYAL! I write it in capital letters to pretend to be surprised and for the record, but it had been obvious for at least a quarter of an hour.

But at least you could have avoided declaring Jeff the winner, right? In short, it's all the announcer's fault, and now Zayn will deal with Roman Reigns. Poor thing. - Backstage the full Bloodline laughs at Zayn's victory and Kayla Braxton gets on the square to interview the winner, but she doesn't give a damn either.

While Sami is celebrating, Braxton says she has just received breaking news: THE SUSPENSION IS OVER! Next week Brock Lesnar will return to SmackDown. Then it's a conspiracy! Zayn has every reason in the world to say it this time, while Roman Reigns and his allies stop laughing.

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