Kayla Braxton responds to possible marriage to Paul Heyman

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Kayla Braxton responds to possible marriage to Paul Heyman

Two of the most seen characters talking together backstage on Friday Night Smackdown in recent months are definitely Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman, with the McMahon-owned company interviewer who has literally chased the Tribal Chief's on-screen manager multiple times.

Universal champion Roman Reigns, to ask him for curiosity and answers regarding the progress of the blue show champion. In the last few weeks, especially, the two have been joined by the creative team of the company, to carry on a very interesting storyline, which also saw the announcement of Kayla herself at the end of Smackdown, where the interviewer announced that Brock Lesnar would appear in the next episode of the blue show, after also announcing the end of the suspension, wanted by Adam Pearce just a few weeks ago.

In the last approaches that had been between Kayla and Heyman, the Mad Genius had repeatedly teased the girl, emphasizing the fact that she did not know how to do her job, if she still continued to chase rumors and not real news, which they should instead being real reporters.

Paul Heyman makes a proposal to Kayla Braxton

After seeing the numerous angles of Friday Night Smackdown, Paul Heyman wanted to launch his final thrust on social media, posting the following photo with a caption that reads: "Pre-Marriage Negotiation?!?"

Obviously, after being chased far and wide throughout Smackdown's backstage, Heyman asserted that Kayla Braxton is literally hitting on him, with the attitude of the girl who would turn out to be that of a stalker in love with the Mad Genius, which which Kayla Braxton is absolutely not.

After her last interview in which Heyman says he can think of a future marriage with her, since the girl is very beautiful, even if not very capable in her work (again according to Heyman), the same girl wanted to reply to the post of Heyman, also teasing fans about a possible physical response in the next episodes of Smackdown, which probably won't be long in coming: "Not even in your weirdest dreams.

Please leave me alone and let me do my job." Shortly after, Paul Heyman posted a photo of himself and Kayla Braxton from their in-ring segment via his Twitter handle. Heyman wrote the following in the caption to his tweet: "NEGOTIATING THE PRE-NUP?!?" For those unaware, a prenuptial agreement is a written contract between a couple before they marry in which they state how their assets, such as property and money, should be divided if they get divorced.