Vince Russo asks WWE superstars for more courage

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Vince Russo asks WWE superstars for more courage

The effects of the global pandemic have also brought WWE to its knees, forced to take a series of drastic measures over the past year and a half. In that time frame, the Stamford-based federation released around 80 superstars and numerous behind-the-scenes insiders.

The empty arenas and the subsequent crisis did not help the business recover, not to mention the vehement rise of All Elite Wrestling. Tony Khan's company has hired two absolute stars like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, as well as taking over WWE in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic.

Vince McMahon's company is doing everything possible to renew the product, which is excessively anchored to the logic of the past. During the latest edition of 'Legion of RAW' on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo berated today's superstars for a certain lack of courage.

“I recently started podcasting with EC3, which was released by WWE due to the cuts related to the pandemic. He himself confided to me that he was wrong not to express his views in front of the WWE leaders. Fear of making someone angry and fear of losing his job prevented him from asserting himself.

He admitted that that is his only regret of him" - explained Vince Russo.

Vince Russo slams Vince McMahon

WWE just hosted its latest PPV of 2021, Survivor Series, which didn't give any particular thrills. 2022 will be decisive for the careers of many athletes.

“Almost any WWE superstar would have no problem making a lot of money outside of the company. We have had several examples of this. In WWE they try to convince you that you are nothing without them. They play with your mind and lead you in their direction.

I assure you that many performers would earn a greater amount on social media than they perceive in the company. It is enough to analyze Paige's case to realize it” - added Vince Russo. The original idea was "much worse with the stakes much lower."

Creative reportedly had the idea for the egg storyline to be integrated with the 24/7 Championship. Fightful notes that they heard that the pitch was vetoed by representatives from both The Rock and Red Notice, which forced WWE to think much harder about the storyline which was produced.

As mentioned earlier, Theory was the one behind the theft of the egg, and the star revealed that he only wanted to take a selfie with it. Vince McMahon was seemingly so happy that it was returned that he offered Theory a WWE Championship match against Big E instead.