Jimmy Korderas speaks about Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is arguably the most popular female superstar of the modern WWE era

by Simone Brugnoli
Jimmy Korderas speaks about Becky Lynch

Veteran referee Jimmy Korderas appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, where he wanted to comment on everything surrounding the rivalry between Irishman Becky Lynch and her ex-best friend Charlotte Flair, speaking specifically of the Survivor post-match promo Series made by the Raw champion.

In fact, Becky Lynch, interviewed on BT Sports microphones, immediately after what has been defined as one of the most beautiful matches of 2021, was moved by remembering all the life and work path she did together with Charlotte Flair, also talking about when they risked die in a car accident together.

"This is how it was perceived. That promo eventually felt so genuine and you could feel the excitement coming out of Becky. This is what makes me wonder, where are they going with this," Korderas said. "This is WWE saying, 'Listen, the fans won't accept Becky heel, no matter what she does, will they cheer her on?' So let her go back to being the beloved superstar she was before.

So maybe this is bringing her back to the role of babyface. Fans, let's face it, want a babyface, Becky. This is the feeling I got from her because I felt sorry for her. I listened to her as she talked about Charlotte, the betrayal, the backstabbing and what happened.

The babyfaces are the ones who earn compassion, not the heels."

Jimmy Korderas comments on Becky Lynch

The two, mostly Becky Lynch, however, also gave interviews where they talked about their feud, with Ric Flair getting in the way.

On this the former referee wanted to say about him: "I liked it, it made me interested in the match. Not that I wasn't already. But hearing all these little digs at each other in interviews and stuff, he made me say 'ohhhh' .

Again, your question, the suspension of disbelief. Is there real animosity here? Are they doing a great job of work here? Including those who think they know? I was looking forward to this match and thought the build-up outside of WWE television was great.

It made me want to see this match a lot more and I thought the women managed to give a great moment." At the end of the match, Jimmy Korderas added that it worked well for him, even if he doesn't consider it so much a heel move as a "you tried to cheat me, but guess what, I was smarter than you and the referee.

at the same time." And he added that according to him in the comment they could have done a better job emphasizing the hatred that had been created between the two a little more, instead of being more surprised by the referee in the wrong position, right at the end of the contest.

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