Will Vince McMahon continue to appear on-screen?

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Will Vince McMahon continue to appear on-screen?

In the past few weeks, there has been a new storyline in front of WWE televisions that has caused WWE Universe fans to talk a lot. During the last edition of the Survivor Series, in fact, the Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon, presented to the public and his athletes a golden egg worth 100 million dollars, called Cleopatra's Egg, which had been given to him.

from none other than Hollywood actor and Roman Reigns eldest cousin: The Rock. All this was obviously a publicity stunt to sponsor the new Rocky film that aired on Netflix and is still available to the general public, with the film "Red Notice", which is breaking record after record on the important on-demand platform.

of television services around the world. Apparently, initially, the plans that included the egg in the hands of Vince McMahon were decidedly different, with The Rock also having to be present at the WWE PPV, but with his film commitments that prevented the athlete from being there instead.

Backstage news on Vince McMahon

This year's Survivor Series was dominated by the fact that Vince McMahon had received one of Cleopatra's eggs from The Rock. The egg went missing as part of the show, but after an interesting 24 hours where several superstars were blamed, the culprit was revealed to be Austin Theory.

According to a report by Fightful Select, this wasn't the original plan for the egg storyline. According to reporters of the well-known Fightful Select, a very important overseas podcast, the plans for the golden egg's arrival were completely different from those we saw at the end, with Austin Theory being revealed be the thief of the object.

To the microphones of the last episode of the podcast, in fact, the American journalists revealed: "The original idea was 'much worse and much lower stakes', with one of the ideas included in the various scripts even wanting it to become an addition to the WWE 24/7 Title.

We heard specifically, that the team associated with The Rock and/or Red Notice rated these plans as not enough." Apparently, the initial idea was to stage a small object, compared to what in reality it was then presented, with the McMahons hoping to get away with little and with the advertising team of the film, which instead demanded that these plans be changed, so as not to disfigure the film via the Stamford company's television screens in everything the world.