Vince Russo reveals what Vince McMahon's plan is

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Vince Russo reveals what Vince McMahon's plan is

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon took Austin Theory under his wing. After a brief discussion regarding his health condition, the WWE boss offered the up-and-coming star the opportunity to watch the show with him.

Theory accepted the proposal with great enthusiasm. However, Vince warned him that - if he dared to steal Cleopatra's golden egg again - he would kill it with his own hands. In the classic weekly 'Legion of RAW' on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo reviewed the latest episode of the red show.

Russo tried to explain why the company's top management decided to bring Vince McMahon back to the television screens.

Vince Russo takes a shot at Vince McMahon

“In their clouded minds, they plan to go back to 1999 by having Vince McMahon appear in front of the television screens again.

This is their very trivial and stupid goal. They are convinced that the presence of Vince McMahon and his alliance with Austin Theory will bring back WWE viewers. Such a choice does not even deserve to be commented on” - said Vince Russo.

The latter has clear ideas about what Vince McMahon should do: “He should show a bit of courage and apologize to the WWE Universe. It wouldn't be such a sensational gesture. Many years ago, just before the 'Attitude Era' began, Vince made a very important promo.

The WWE boss said the company would offer fans a more fun and electrifying product, moving away from the style of the 70s once and for all. We are now more or less in the same situation. Vince is very embarrassed, even if he tries in every way to hide it.

Sorry to be so tough, but WWE is sinking into the abyss. As for the rating war with All Elite Wrestling, that's a false problem. I keep in touch with the best executives in the network and I can assure you that no one has ever mentioned to me the 18 to 49-year-old demographic."

Speaking in a new interview on the Square Table Degenerates Podcast, Rougeau elaborated on his issues with the WWE Chairman: “I haven’t watched WWF [WWE] in 25 years since my falling out with Vince McMahon," said Rougeau.

"I could just tell you one thing [about working for Vince McMahon]: you’re a number. If you’re good for him, he’ll treat you good. Once your run is finished and he doesn’t need you anymore, fresh meat is coming in… so that’s life."