Trish Stratus will wrestle once again

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Trish Stratus will wrestle once again

Trish Stratus was elected by WWE as the Company's Best Female Athlete when the 50 Best Female Wrestlers Who Made History alongside the McMahon family were compiled. In fact, she has always been a mix of beauty and right talent in the ring, which allowed her to stand out in the square and make history, not only for herself but also for the rest of the wrestlers.

Despite her retirement, she had come forward for other occasions, such as the first female Royal Rumble in 2018, or the pairs match at Evolution alongside her best friend Lita her or even to challenge Charlotte Flair and Summerslam.

Update on Trish Stratus

In a statement on her official website,, the Canadian wrestler let fans know that she will be returning to WWE soon, in a live show on December 29 in her beloved Toronto, Canada.

“Trish Stratus is ready to serve up some Stratusfaction for the WWE Universe holidays in Toronto. The Hall of Famer returns for one night only to present the WWE live event on Wednesday 29 December at the Coca-Cola Coliseum.

"Excited to walk through that tent and feel the energy of the WWE Universe once again. Let's do it Toronto!" Tickets for the event are already on sale and we are sure that the Canadian WWE Universe will certainly be heard, not missing the opportunity to see a true legend of the ring, especially since for December, excluding the War Games for NXT, there's no pay-per-view expected, in fact, there will not be the usual TLC to keep us company.

At the end of 2020, Trish had said about her possible return to the ring: "If there is a possibility about something that could stimulate me in a certain way to participate, well I am open to re-entering the ring. I have always said, from the day I retired, that if there was an opportunity to come back for something inspiring I am open to it and I think the fans want it too."

Trish Stratus is widely regarded as the greatest female wrestler of all time in WWE. So the prospect of her wrestling one more time in the company is an exciting one. Although she has announced that she will be returning for just one night, an in-ring return cannot be ruled out.

Sasha Banks recently took multiple shots at Stratus, challenging her for a match. The Hall of Famer even responded to rumors of a potential dream match between the two, which could be an indication that they might face each other in a highly-anticipated bout.