RAW: AJ Styles stared at his tag team partner in disappointment

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RAW: AJ Styles stared at his tag team partner in disappointment

HURT BUSINESS (CEDRIC ALEXANDER AND SHELTON BENJAMIN) VS REY AND DOMINIK MYSTERIO Shelton and Dominik start with Benjamin starting very well and dragging the Luchador to the ring, immediately Tag for Alexander who after a couple of hits sees Dominik tag Rey who starts with a series of hits, dropkicks and other important hits, first a new Tag to Dominik and then 619 to Shelton Benjamin.

Meanwhile, Dominik closes with a Frog Splash against Cedric Alexander. The Mysterios win again (a very filling match more than anything else...). TEAM BECKY (BECKY LYNCH, CARMELLA, DOUDROP, TAMINA AND ZELINA VEGA) VS TEAM LIV (BIANCA BELAIR, DANA BROOKE, LIV MORGAN, NIKKI ASH AND RHEA RIPLEY) Becky and Liv start immediately with the latter hitting with a dropkick, knees all corner and facebuster, Becky flips it over and gives Tag to Carmella.

While AJ Styles did not compete inside the ring on WWE RAW this week, he did well to draw attention towards himself. He pretended to have lost his vision after the fogging incident last week.

AJ Styles did not compete inside the ring

AJ Styles sat with the commentary team during The Street Profits’ match against Alpha Academy.

At one spot, he tried to interfere while Montez Ford was at the top of the turnbuckle. Endless Tag series, Tamina blocks Rhea and tries to suffocate her, Rhea responds with a lariat and tags Nikki Ash, a new series of Tags with Heels saving their partners.

After the ad Doudrop is in control of Nikki, tag for Becky hitting several times, Nicky escapes and Tagga Rhea Ripley, Becky gives the change to Carmella and Rhea hits her with elbows in the face, Rhea stands up to everyone, dropkick on Carmella and Code of Silence with Dana Brooke stopping the count.

After a new commercial there are Tamina and Dana in the ring, this gives the tag to Liv Morgan who makes several hits and forces Becky to intervene. There is a total fight with Dana Brooke flying on Zelina, Liv dropkick on Carmella, STO on Zelina and forearm on Becky Lynch, Liv is unleashed, superkick and Oblivion on Tamina which is worth the win!

At the end of the match Becky attacks Liv, Doudrop attacks Bianca Belar while Liv reacts and hits with the Oblivion Becky Lynch. AJ Styles is one of the most familiar names in the world of professional wrestling. No matter which wrestling promotion he went to, he competed with the very best and showed signs of a champion.

Styles is currently involved in a tag team with Omos. But many fans seemed to be disappointed at that and want ‘The Phenomenal One’ to have a singles run.