How many surgeries has The Undertaker had?

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How many surgeries has The Undertaker had?

One of the most acclaimed characters in the entire history of WWE, is undoubtedly The Undertaker, a character played for exactly 30 years by Mark Calaway, a multi-faceted athlete, who has managed in three decades to always evolve his on-screen character, passing from the Deadman to the Lord of Darkness, reaching the unscrupulous biker, never making his fans bored with his performances or his promos and his storylines.

After 30 years of honored career, in the edition of the Survivor Series last year, exactly 30 years after his debut in the WWE rings, after a short time spent on the WCW square, The Undertaker has decided to hang up his boots, with his physique that no longer allowed him to have the great performances he has always played against great opponents such as Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Randy Orton and many other sacred monsters of the discipline.

In addition to the now advanced age for a wrestler, dozens and dozens of injuries throughout his career prevented the Deadman from continuing with wrestling wrestling, with his latest interview being partly focused on just that.

The Undertaker is a wrestling legend

In his latest speech on the Kevin Hart Show, The Undertaker spoke at length about all the operations he had undergone in his career, with the Deadman also saying in a moment of the same: "My career has been very difficult, also because I have had 17 surgeries.

You know, people don't know that in every single match, you're two fingers from getting hurt or running into a tragedy or a real catastrophe. Those two fingers, they can make you have a great night or even a very, very bad night."

Among the many injuries recounted during his interview, The Undertaker recounted the one in his hip suffered in one of the matches against HBK or when he literally caught fire due to a technical malfunction of the fires at Elimination Chamber in 2010, which caused him second-degree burns on his face and chest.

In addition, also in the 1910s, Undertaker has had problems with knees and shoulders several times. Mo confirmed on The Hannibal TV that there was once a face-off between The Undertaker and Mabel, which included “a lot of yelling and screaming”.

He added that the two men still got along behind the scenes despite their disagreement. “There was the face-off, a lot of yelling and screaming between ‘Taker and Mabel. But, as far as a physical fight, I never witnessed one…‘Taker was the locker room leader and he felt that it was his responsibility to correct the young dudes."