Beth Phoenix could return to the ring alongside her husband

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Beth Phoenix could return to the ring alongside her husband

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw we saw how the returning Edge, the company's Hall of Famer for a few years, went hard to collide with the other returning member of the federation The Miz, with the A-Lister who had absent from the ring of the company to take part in the cast of the American television program, Dancing with the Stars.

In this context, Edge and The Miz had a long promo in front of the federation cameras, with Edge also pulling out some unfortunate references to the company's releases, such as John Morrison, who until a few months ago was at alongside the former WWE Champion and was later released in one of the latest wave of layoffs.

Apparently, in the feud between the two former WWE world champions, there should be another addition, with Maryse already being a key player in the clash between the two men and with a fourth person who could soon return to the scene for so to carry on the feud without numerical inferiority.

Beth Phoenix announced earlier today that she will be leaving the NXT commentary desk following the upcoming WarGames pay-per-view. The WWE Hall of Famer reassured fans that she would remain a part of NXT and thanked her co-workers, including fellow members of the commentary desk Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph.

Latest update on Beth Phoenix

Sharing the reason for her departure, Beth Phoenix explained that she made the decision to be able to spend more time with her family. The multi-time WWE Women's Champion shares two daughters with fellow superstar Edge.

Through one of the latest updates from PW Insider, it would seem that WWE wants to join the Rated R Superstar of Monday Night Raw, his wife Beth Phoenix, with the two McMahon Hall of Famers who would go to work together in the ring for the first time during their careers.

After having seen several other wrestlers fight in mixed pair matches, also in this case we should have a four-way feud, with Glamazon who should therefore support Edge, to fight the attacks of Miz and his wife Maryse, also absent in pairs.

from the WWE rings for quite some time. We will see in the coming weeks what the plans of the McMahon company will be, with Glamazon who should therefore abandon her job at the NXT commentary table, to return instead to performing in the rings of the main roster, after years from her last confrontation with her colleagues, hoping to return to fight in the ring and not just to do Raw promos.