Ricochet talks about his ring name

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Ricochet talks about his ring name

WWE Superstar Ricochet was interviewed this week on "Out of Character with Ryan Satin" about his ring name. While SmackDown now consists of top superstars like Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, they also got underutilised superstars such as Ricochet and Jeff Hardy during the WWE Draft.

It is unlikely that the two former United States Champions will get a major push on Smackdown either. Sheamus could be turning babyface soon.

Backstage news on Ricochet

On his ring name, Ricochet stated: “I've always needed adrenaline, ever since I was younger.

I've always had these kinds of emotions inside of me. I think Ricochet is just one name behind this. I think Ricochet is the embodiment of adrenaline. He is the embodiment of my excitement when I perform and of the action. He is all of this.

I think Ricochet is just a name for all these feelings and emotions that I promote. Ricochet is not just a character. Ricochet is energy. You see it and you don't believe that everything that actually happens is happening. He is a great feeling.

He wants to show that no matter how big and bad you are, he will always try to give you a hard time." On Randy Orton and other WWE athletes: "I always talk to Randy. He is one of the guys who has helped me the most since I've been here on the main roster and WWE in general.

He, Edge and the other guys really, really went out of their way to help me. AJ Styles did the same and I can go on for hours saying the names of others like him. Randy in particular was just amazing." As a guest of Talking Smack, Ricochet also talked about his possible turn heel but also revealed on his social media that he is having an affair with NXT interviewer Samantha Irvin.

On one of his possible turn heels: “In PWG I was always bad and it was my daily bread. That's where I gained popularity. If I need to be bad, people know I can be bad. Right now, I think I can still go out there and shut someone up, then slap them in the face and still have the Universe with me.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has been doing this for years. If I need to be bad then, we all know I can still be”. It has previously been reported that The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy could be getting a new character when he returns to SmackDown as a full-time SmackDown member.