WWE removes some phrases from a Raw promo

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WWE removes some phrases from a Raw promo

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 29th November on USA Network in America, there were some promos in front of the cameras of the McMahon company that left the fans and insiders of the company with the 'bitter taste, with some athletes who have made their own on-screen promo, pulling out the history of the releases made by the WWE, as an element to go and insult their opponent, currently in feud with them.

Two of these athletes, who brought these scenarios on-screen, were Edge and Liv Morgan, who on Raw were respectively pitted against The Miz and Becky Lynch, the absolute champion of the red roster. Apparently, Edge's said to have decided of his own free will to set up his promo like this, given that McMahon's Hall of Famer is one of the very few to have absolute freedom over what a wrestler can or cannot say in front of the federation cameras.

As for what Liv said against Becky Lynch, namely that the blame for the releases of her friends Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott would be attributable only to her, in that case, there would instead be the hand of Vince McMahon in person or at the maximum that of Bruce Prichard, main managers of the creative team on the main roster.

The controversy on Raw continues

After the recent attacks received by the WWE due to these promos staged on Raw, partially focused on the releases made recently by the company, which many considered in bad taste, the Stamford-based federation wanted to eliminate part of these problems, going to expertly edit the videos uploaded to your Youtube channel.

If the one of Edge has remained practically unchanged since it was uploaded online, also given the direct responsibility of the same athlete in what he said on the microphone against The Miz, as regards the promo of Liv Morgan, his video no longer sees the presence of the clip in which she talks about the friends released by the company.

Although the clash between Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch is very much felt by fans and especially by WWE insiders, everything must still be "protected" by the company, in order not to run into big criticisms that could ruin the status or the progress of the career of the emerging Morgan.

We haven't heard much from The Miz since Monday night, but he took to social media this afternoon to comment on his WWE return, putting the following message on his Instagram: "Shine bright like a diamond *diamond emoji*. Now that’s how you make a big return. *sunglasses emoji*," The Miz said.