Drew McIntyre reveals his biggest dream

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Drew McIntyre reveals his biggest dream

Drew McIntyre was Britain's first WWE Champion and is now one of the biggest superstars in Vince McMahon's company. The wrestler has had a fundamental role in recent years, he was WWE Champion for several months without the presence of the public, he won the title at Wrestlemania 36 by beating Brock Lesnar in front of an unprecedented and 'sad' show for the fans of the company.

The pandemic has taken away a lot and even Drew McIntyre has missed the opportunity several times to celebrate with the WWE audience. The wrestler has repeatedly reiterated that his goal and his dream is to return to champion, this time winning in front of the audience.

In addition to this Drew McIntyre has another great unexpressed dream, he has repeatedly reiterated that he would like to play a Pay Per View in the United Kingdom.

Drew McIntyre has finally grown up

There is no one else in the world who wants UK Pay per View more than Drew McIntyre.

For years there has been talk of being able to host such an event in the United Kingdom, but the Pandemic and precisely the situation linked to Covid has transformed everything and now this possibility has been at least delayed.

Speaking on Talk Sport, Drew McIntyre revealed his intentions again, also indicating who he would like to face in this event as an opponent: "I'm still working and trying to help make that Pay Per View in the UK and I won't stop talking about it until it will happen.

Tyson Fury and I have talked about this on several occasions and I think that if the goal is to attract as many people as possible to Great Britain a match between me and Tyson would attract a lot of people and I'm sure everyone would like to see it myself."

WWE could return to the UK for a big Pay Per View and in the past, there was talk of SummerSlam, the last big show of the summer that was held in the UK even back in 1992. It took place in Wembley and represented one of the most sequels of WWE history.

During the interview, McIntyre also mentioned that he was glad to be on the road again and interact with the fans in the arenas. He was grateful for the UK tour last month and mentioned that it was a happy homecoming for him after two years of being away from friends and family.