Ric Flair's got an idea to WWE management

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Ric Flair's got an idea to WWE management

Charlotte Flair and Roman Reigns are undeniably two great athletes who represent their respective changing rooms in a masterly way, especially after having improved in recent years. Absolutely not wanting to compare the two from many points of view, but only in terms of the potential that was really raised by WWE, obviously it seems almost legitimate to put them on the same level.

Roman has suffered a lot in the past with the public, especially after the separation from the Shield, but since 2020 everything has changed decisively for the better for him, who has become the face of the WWE. While Charlotte is loved and hated, but she continues on the road towards the belt record won by her father.

Ric Flair recently stated that he is surprised why WWE's higher-ups don't push his daughter, Charlotte, the same way as Roman Reigns. In his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, former WWE superstar, Charlotte's father, Ric Flair, wanted to give a little hint about something that could potentially be very interesting.

Ric Flair has turned away from WWE

"I think Roman Reigns is the biggest star in the company, and he could be a successful star at anything - do whatever he wants. But I'll say this: if they gave Charlotte the push they give Roman Reigns - which surprises me.

that they don't do it because women play such a big part in the success of the promotion - then they would have two of the biggest stars overall. And that would have made a huge difference," Ric Flair said. So practically according to the man, if there were construction for Charlotte similar to that given to the Samoan, there would be a serious possibility of increasing the company's star power even more.

Surely groped would not be a bad thing, because you could see if it is actually applicable to the female part of the product, also because if on the one hand, it worked so well, maybe there is some hope on the other too, with Charlotte having potential has to sell, as did Becky Lynch when she became The Man.

The Queen highlighted her women's title win at WWE SummerSlam 2021 in response and said she is "on a different level." "I'm pretty sure everyone was on their feet when I won [the title] for the 12th time.

Roman has had an incredible year. There are levels to this, but I'm on a different level myself," said Charlotte Flair.