Ariya Daivari talks about how he was hired by WWE

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Ariya Daivari talks about how he was hired by WWE

Former WWE Superstar Ariya Daivari talked about his adventure in the federation and his formation at 205 Live, all of which was hosted on this week's podcast "House of Hardcore", by Tommy Dreamer. On his arrival in WWE, Ariya Daivari said: “I had given it a try but they said no.

There was a whole year in between and in 2015 I thought of a way to change things. So I did some matches in Ring of Honor and in January 2016, I received an email saying: 'We have a new project' At the time, it was called the Global Cruiserweight Series or something.

They told me, 'You are one of the guys we want to use for this project' I thought maybe they had been waiting for just the right thing for me, and the Cruiserweight Classic probably was. I got the email in January and six months later, in the summer I started.

It was fun and unbelievable. I asked them, 'Does this lead to a full-time job?' They said 'We thought you did a great job. You will probably be part of the Cruiserweight Classic next year.' Shortly after, they contacted me and said: 'We want you to join NXT' And then: 'We also want you to fight with TJP on Monday Night RAW'

I was really excited and happy with this”.

Ariya Daivari on his WWE debut

On his formation at 205 Live: “I signed up and was thinking of going to NXT. Between the time of signing in October and January, they created 205 Live.

And they announced that I, like others, would be there. As soon as we moved to Florida, me, Drew (Gulak) and Tony (Neese), we immediately started touring. We did some promotional classes on the PC on Wednesdays and also some shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In practice we worked non-stop. Eventually, they figured it out and said, 'If you're on the road practically fighting like the guys from RAW and SmackDown do, you're not going to do things for NXT again.' They separated us in the end and made 205 Live a real show on the main roster where we started performing continuously every week”.

Speaking to Matt Rehwoldt (f.k.a. WWE’s Aiden English) on the Straight Shooting podcast, Nese said Ariya Daivari thought the idea would help 205 Live stand out. Despite being told by a WWE official not to speak to Vince McMahon, Daivari still pitched the idea to the WWE Chairman: “The answer was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no, don’t even bother asking Vince that,’” Nese said.

“That was the type of response. ‘I’m not even gonna go to Vince with that idea.’ And Daivari, good for him, he was like, ‘You know what, screw you, I’m gonna ask him myself."