*Spoiler* Xia Li will debut on the main roster next week

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*Spoiler* Xia Li will debut on the main roster next week

In recent weeks, WWE has presented several new Superstars, especially on the side of NXT 2.0, where there has been a real revolution, with the federation of McMahon who wanted to overturn everything, creating a new format, presented with new sets.

of lights, new faces, a new arena and new colors. Obviously, the WWE has also seen fit to renew a large part of the roster of the third brand, releasing some great athletes, who however were now part of the old guard and who clashed a bit with the new idea of ​​wrestling that the company wanted to propose, with big names like those of Bobby Fishn, Bronson Reed, Ember Moon and many others, which were in fact released to give space to the various Von Wagner, Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes.

Among the many who have found a different arrangement, there are also Hit Row and Xia Li, with the team that has been moved to Smackdown, just like the Chinese one, with the team of boys who have also been fired in toto in the last few weeks.

The only one still left in the main roster rings is, therefore, Xia Li, who is presented with some angles recorded for weeks now, in the interludes of Friday Night Smackdown.

Xia Li will debut on SmackDown

With yet another video posted by WWE in the last few hours, during the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, it was announced that the Chinese Xia Li will finally make her debut in the blue show's rings in the next episode, with her fans who will be happy to welcome her to the main roster, after weeks of presentation, without having seen her again in the company's rings, neither at NXT nor in the main roster.

Once the storyline of NXT is finished, which saw her side by side with Boa and Mei Ying (played by Karen Q), it is not known what WWE will have in store for her, with a new gimmick, very similar to the one seen in the rings of the third.

brand of the federation, which will most likely also be presented to the general public of Smackdown, with the roster of the blue show, just like that of the red show, which needed other great female protagonists to pull up new storylines in the category.

Since enduring a losing streak, Li and Boa have both been "summoned" back home by a ShiFu or master character. Boa was marked by the ShiFu and later, so was Xia Li. They both dreaded what was coming before fans even knew what to possibly expect.

Fast forward a few weeks, and NXT has shown various vignettes of both Li and Boa undergoing intense and sometimes brutal training. At various points in each vignette, the NXT Universe has seen a glimpse of the character that both Li and Boa feared.