Elias reappears with a new look

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 Elias reappears with a new look

In recent months, several WWE Superstars have taken breaks, for personal or medical reasons, with some wrestlers still absent from the company's televisions. Among the many absent, we find Alexa Bliss, who underwent a nose surgery, to fix the problems that had gripped her for some time or Bayley, former champion of the blue show, struggling with a very bad injury that will keep her away from the ring for a few more months.

Another wrestler who disappeared overnight, is instead the WWE Drifter, Elias, with the athlete with conspicuous musical abilities who always showed up in the WWE rings with his guitar, which in fact disappeared into thin air, without making to have fans of any kind of news regarding his future.

In a very uncertain climate, given the recent cuts and releases by the McMahon-owned company, there would also be a lot of concern towards Elias, who would be in excellent shape and not struggling with an injury and therefore his absence still appears to be less understandable to fans.

Latest update on Elias

In the last few hours, it seems to have come out a news from some internal sources of the WWE, which sees Elias having significantly changed his look, with which fans have known him in recent years, for a possible new gimmick to be staged with the company.

by Stamford. According to what was revealed by the pages of the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, some sources inside the company, revealed how the recent rumors that spoke of a concern about Elias's future with the company would be false, while news arrives instead.

to its appearance. The sources who spoke with Ringside reveal that the last time Elias was seen a couple of weeks ago in the WWE backstage, the athlete showed up without a beard and with a decidedly shorter haircut than usual.

It is not known at the moment what WWE has in store for him, but a change of gimmick had also been thought of by the company, which had broadcast on its television screens some videos relating to Elias, who threw his beloved guitar on a bonfire in a forest, with such skits that never led to anything.

Elias came through the ranks in NXT, where he wrestled for several years before he made his debut on the main roster with his Drifter gimmick in 2017. For several years, Elias was a featured star on WWE TV, and he competed in several specific matches based on his character. Given his background as a musician, he was linked to the debut of the Symphony of Destruction Match.