What will happen to Austin Theory?

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What will happen to Austin Theory?
What will happen to Austin Theory? (Provided by Wrestling World)

In recent weeks, both at Survivor Series and in the episodes of Monday Night Raw that followed the last WWE Big Four, we have seen the Chairman of the company, Vince McMahon, return to show up on-screen, in some segments where he presented at the I publish a golden egg given to him by The Rock, to advertise the new Rocky movie exclusively for Netflix.

After the egg segment, however, Vince McMahon reappeared on the Monday Night Raw television screens, to stage some segments with Austin Theory, who actually turned out to be the egg thief at the Series, just to take selfies with such object and then also with Vince McMahon.

If all this wasn't enough, the Chairman also appeared the following week with the young talent ex NXT, with the same Theory receiving a title shot against WWE world champion, Big E, thanks to Vince. Many have wondered why the WWE patron himself wanted to spend so much time on-screen with just one person, with the Wrestling Observer trying to explain it through its usual Dave Meltzer newsletter, which arrived precise like a Swiss watch after fan questions.

New details on Austin Theory

According to what was reported in the latest update of the Observer, by Meltzer, in fact, WWE would be betting a lot on Austin Theory, especially after the excellent response the boy had with his match against Big E, in the demographic of teenagers.

In the match titled a few weeks ago, in fact, Theory found a fairly high record of views towards Monday Night Raw, by the lower demographic following the WWE, with the wrestler who is evidently much appreciated by boys and girls who closely follow WWE.

Having found these good results, the same patron of the company has decided to take the boy under his personal wing, to make him grow better in the federation's rings, with the same Theory that he stated in his last interview on the microphones of After The Bell, that he was even happy to have taken a slap in the face from the Chairman and to be ready to take another 100 if needed for his career.

Despite being taught a lesson by Vince McMahon, Austin Theory is on cloud nine after RAW as he has rewatched the segment several times already: "I've probably watched the video of [me] getting slapped [by Vince McMahon] like a 100 times. I would say, just don't upset Vince McMahon. Because, yo, he's got some hands man."

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