Smackdown: New surprises for The New Day

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Smackdown: New surprises for The New Day

Viking Raiders vs Los Lotharios: The match begins while it seems that the two Mexicans can take home the victory, Boogs and Nakamura arrive to distract them, but they get the opposite effect because Humberto rolls up Erik and wins the match for his team.

The Viking Raiders then come down from the ring quite irritated with the duo, Boogs however plays their theme song and everyone is happy and happy (especially Pat McAfee). Toni Storm is interviewed backstage by Kayla Braxton and says that Charlotte can do whatever she wants, but she is not afraid of the Queen who behaved like that last week because she embarrassed her earlier by saying she would lose to Becky at Survivor Series and now it's in his head.

Jimmy Uso got involved in the action early and Kofi Kingston had to intervene. The referee called for disqualification as a brawl broke out. The New Day leveled both Jey and Jimmy Uso and stood tall to end the segment. It’s good to see New Day back in the race for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

They can have a good match with The Usos at WWE Day 1. Jey Uso (with Jimmy Uso) vs King Woods (with Kofi Kingston).

What's next for The New Day?

As soon as the two step into the ring the audience screams their name and then they tell Sami Zayn that he was a fool to challenge Roman tonight and then as always praise his cousin.

When they start talking about King Woods, he introduces himself and surprisingly… KOFI IS BACK! Jey and Woods then begin to fight, but the match ends by disqualification because Jimmy attacks the King and is then knocked down by Kofi and after a short fist fight, the two of the New Day remain victorious in the ring, with Roman Reigns watching everything from backstage.

Right after he tells Paul Heyman that there are so many surprises tonight he wasn't aware of and angry points out that he will come out there and crush Sami Zayn and do the same to Brock Lesnar if he just tries to get close to him.

Backstage on New Day stops Kayla Braxton to send a message to Bloodline: on Day 1 the two will challenge the Usos for duo titles and win. Big E, the powerhouse of New Day, has been restrained by his relations to the team. For those that remember, Big E was a beast back in his NXT days.

His name was heard in fear, and everyone knew things were going down when he stepped in the ring. Now, we just can’t take him seriously when he enters as part of the New Day. The very friendly gimmick never really suited the character of The New Day member, even though he pulled it off well.