Two NXT superstars may be leaving WWE this week


Two NXT superstars may be leaving WWE this week
Two NXT superstars may be leaving WWE this week

Over the past couple of years, several WWE Superstars have called for their release, as well as a host of other colleagues who have been fired due to the inception of the Stamford-based company's budget cutting program. Among the many who requested and obtained their release, were included illustrious names such as the late Luke Harper, who passed in the ring of the AEW and then tragically died of a bad incurable lung disease or Andrade, former boyfriend of Charlotte Flair, who had decided to disengage from his deal with WWE to seek new stimuli in the Mexican and AEW rings just like other colleagues.

In recent months, Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole have also wanted to wait for the end of their agreement with the McMahons, to go and sign with the company of the Khan family, after years of WWE in which these athletes were not delighted with their projects in the ring.

most famous in the world of pro-wrestling. Apparently, in the last few hours, two other very important NXT contracts would be expiring, with two top names that could therefore abandon the ship, after years of storyline with the McMahon family.

We are talking about Johnny Gargano and Kyle O'Reilly.

Big changes on NXT

If the situation of Johnny Gargano had been known for some time, with the former NXT Champion who had already signed an extension of a few weeks just to get to the WarGames of the Stamford company, that of O'Reilly only emerged some time later, with the agreements of both athletes that are expiring in the last few hours and with both that apparently they would not intend to renew it or at least this was the news leaked a few days ago.

Obviously, until the last good second, WWE will continue to try to hold on to the two athletes, given their crystalline talent, but it is not known what the personal idea of ​​the two is, after the change of format of NXT and the new projects.

put into play by McMahon. If all this were not enough already, in a related note, several sites in the sector are also reporting the news that at the end of January, or in just over a month, Kevin Owens' agreement with WWE will also expire, with the former Universal Champion who has not yet renewed his deal with WWE and it is not even known if he will.

Ray and Kai kicked off the match and Kay Lee Ray had the early advantage with a big toss from the corner but was sent into the steel cage wall a few times by Dakota. Kai had KLR on the ropes between the two rings but Ray fought off before Dakota got a baseball bat.

Ray hit a dive on Kai before attacking her with a Kendo Stick. A bunch of kendo sticks were set up in between the two rings and KLR dropped Kai on them.

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