Scarlett reappears on an independent show

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Scarlett reappears on an independent show

In recent months, WWE has gone to fire numerous Superstars and insiders, both from the main roster side and from the NXT side, with numerous athletes who found themselves overnight without work and without salary, in many cases even between husband and wife.

In one of these cases, the WWE wanted to fire the couple formed by the future spouses Scarlett and Karrion Kross, with the two former NXT talents who had been transferred to the main roster, with Scarlett who had never appeared there yet, only to then get fired just a few weeks later.

Initially, the creative team had a lot of ideas for the former NXT Champion, with the athlete going to have to go through a series of ring losses on Monday Night Raw. All of that was obviously trashed, with Kross's gimmick being swapped two or three times before seeing him and his future wife getting fired overnight, along with other great athletes like Keith Lee and company Mia Yim or Nia Jax.

If all these names had a 90-day non-competition clause with WWE, making part of the main roster, Scarlett's was instead stopped at 30 days, because the athlete had still been a participant in the NXT roster, having never appeared on the rings of the main roster, with the wrestler who was thus able to make her landing in her first independent show recently.

The latest news on Scarlett

Coming out of nowhere, the presence of the ex-Scarlett from NXT sent the fans who'd flocked to see the latest show by MCW Pro Wrestling, an independent American company, in raptures. With a performance worthy of the best high-flyer in the WWE, Scarlett also showed off her great skills as an athlete, as well as a manager, as she did in recent months at NXT, with the wrestler who attacked one of the protagonists of the evening, King McBride, first with a low blow and then with a textbook Canadian Destroyer.

It is not known at the moment if the girl has signed an agreement with the company or if her arrival in the MCW ring is only temporary, with a token contract. We will see in the coming weeks if the girl will continue this collaboration and if we will see her in the rings of other companies, waiting for her future husband, Karrion Kross, to complete WWE non-competition clause.