Can Austin Theory become WWE Champion?

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Can Austin Theory become WWE Champion?

John Cena has been the iconic face of WWE for many, many years. The 16-time world champion has contributed more than any other to increasing the popularity of wrestling in every corner of the globe. His appearances in the ring have become more and more sporadic in recent years, thanks to the advancing age and his countless film commitments.

Cena is now an established Hollywood star, so much so that he has taken part in numerous blockbuster films. The Bostonian holds the record for most WWE pay-per-view events won in a year, as well as consecutive PPV wins (12).

The leader of the 'Cenation' played his last match at SummerSlam 2021, where he was defeated by Universal champion Roman Reigns (before being attacked by the returning Brock Lesnar). It goes without saying that John has been a source of inspiration for many young superstars.

Corey Graves' guest on the latest edition of the 'After the Bell' podcast, Austin Theory admitted that it was John Cena who inspired him to become a wrestler. “When I signed my first deal with WWE, I went straight to the Performance Center.

I remember one day - just before we left the facility - they told us to stay because John Cena was coming” - told Austin Theory.

Austin Theory is growing fast

“John Cena was joining us at the PC and I was in seventh heaven.

He talked to all of us for about an hour and then said: 'Since I have nothing to do today, I am available to converse with you individually if you feel like it' I thought it was a really nice gesture from him. I remember waiting about three hours before starting to talk to him, even though there were very few of us that day.

He devoted a lot of time to each of us. He was kind and helpful towards me, he asked me what he could help me with. It is thanks to John Cena that I decided to pursue this career" - said Austin Theory. The veteran wrestler had a long feud with John Cena back in 2011, when the Leader of the Cenation was the WWE Champion.

He had two shots at winning the title from Cena then but lost on both occasions. They renewed their rivalry later that year, when The Miz and Truth, the tag team named Awesome Truth, faced John Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series in 2011. Truth called this match the pinnacle of his career and vividly remembers that moment in 2011.