Vince Russo discusses Austin Theory's status

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Vince Russo discusses Austin Theory's status

Austin Theory held the Evolution Championship before joining WWE in August 2019. The following year, he was named the NXT Future Star at the traditional NXT Year-End Awards. On November 21, at the Survivor Series, Theory participated in the 5-on-5 Elimination match as a member of Team Raw against Team SmackDown but was eliminated by Jeff Hardy.

In the next episode of Raw, Austin got Vince Mcmahon the chance to challenge Big E for the WWE Championship but failed to clinch the victory. Over the past few weeks, the former NXT star has had several interactions with Vince McMahon backstage.

At one point, the WWE boss even slapped him in the face to demonstrate the importance of the surprise effect. Speaking to Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo expressed his opinion on this rather controversial angle.

Vince Russo opens up on Austin Theory

"I didn't fully understand the essence of the relationship between Vince McMahon and Austin Theory. Virtually there is Vince who insults him for most of the evening and even ends up slapping him in the face.

I don't care what the final goal of this angle is, it's already clear. Vince McMahon demolished Austin Theory's credibility. His character has no chance to recover” - said Vince Russo. Between March and June of last year, Theory worked alongside Zelina Vega on Raw, before briefly interacting with Murphy and Seth Rollins.

He then returned to NXT, where he performed alongside Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano and Indi Hartwell as a member of 'The Way' Russo tried to explain why the company's top management decided to bring Vince McMahon back to the television screens.

“In their clouded minds, they think they can go back to 1999 by having Vince appear on television again. This is their very trivial and stupid goal. They are convinced that Vince's constant presence will have WWE regaining spectators in a short space of time.

Such a choice does not deserve any comment on my part." Despite being taught a lesson by Vince McMahon, Austin Theory is on cloud nine after RAW as he has rewatched the segment several times already: "I've probably watched the video of [me] getting slapped [by Vince McMahon] like a 100 times.

I would say, just don't upset Vince McMahon. Because, yo, he's got some hands man." Austin Theory is just 24 years old and possesses the immense potential to be a major player down the line. WWE is also looking to push younger talent as there continues to be a lot of hype around the key 18-49 demographic.

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