The Rock continues to collect records

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The Rock continues to collect records

During a video of the famous makeup artist Nikki Tutorials, Adele, a singer known all over the world for several years and winner of several awards related to her profession, made some statements about The Rock. In fact, the two were talking about people they would like to meet in life, when Adele said, "Someone I've never met, who I think would really make me cry, is The Rock!

But I know he calls himself Dwayne Johnson now." The singer later revealed that she was a huge wrestling fan when she was younger and that The Rock recently sent her a bouquet of flowers after not being able to attend his CBS special “Adele: One Night Only." "I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger.

He (The Rock) sent me flowers the other day because he and his wife couldn't come to my show... Literally, I almost fell off my chair. I laugh because I call him The Rock, but he could soon become President Rock, he has to run for president!"

The Rock is a wrestling legend

Sure sooner or later The Rock might seriously think about becoming president, and that would be crazy cool, but for now, his whole heart and soul belong to the big screen.

Recently, with your Netflix movie "Red Notice", which we also saw widely advertised at the Survivor Series, you managed to reach an important record: in fact, it became the most-watched film in the history of the streaming platform.

The film already had a record, even if it depends on how we see it, it can be either positive or negative, or that of the record of the highest amount ever spent by Netflix for a film, 200 million, in short, not pennies. Obviously The Rock is missing a lot in the ring, but we are happy that he has achieved great goals also in cinema, another field that he has always loved.

He who knows if he really he will ever come back to challenge Roman Reigns. If you look closely, you can notice things relating to The Foundation lying all over the place. Firstly, his helmet is seen inside the fridge while a futuristic pistol lies on a bench in the background.

These are some of the most direct nods to the Fortnite character. That's not all. If you read the post carefully enough, some words are capitalized, strengthening The Rock's connections to Fortnite. These words are Zero Point, Higher Ground, Foundation, and Universe.

The Rock