Charlotte Flair and Andrade are still together

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Charlotte Flair and Andrade are still together

A couple of days ago we reported that according to the reporter Cassidy Haynes of BodySlam, the couple formed by Charlotte Flair, WWE athlete and Andrade El Idolo, AEW athlete, would have come to an end a couple of weeks ago after he stopped following her on social media and deleted their recent photos from Instagram.

His words were: “After speaking to multiple sources I can confirm that the two are no longer together. Sources indicated that the breakup did not appear to be mutual and that it was Charlotte who ended the relationship.

I was not given any details as to why the relationship came to an end, only that the two officially ended a couple of weeks ago."

Update on Charlotte Flair and Andrade

After all that Andrade did on social media and the announcement of Tay Conti's separation from her husband, which came together with the gesture of El Idolo, fans had begun to speculate of a possible infatuation of the luchador with the Brazilian wrestler.

All this, however, was denied by Hugo Savinovic, who now works for LuchaLibreOnline, who spoke directly with the athlete, being his friend, and apparently, Andrade denied everything, both from the Tay Conti side and the end of the relationship with Charlotte Flair.

Savinovic also said that like any couple, they too have bad times, but that doesn't mean they broke off their engagement too and these we read around are just rumors. Wrestling Inc. journalist Raj Giri also joined in and tweeted: "I try not to post personal stuff, but I learned that Charlotte Flair and Andrade are still very much together." In addition, Charlotte's brother-in-law, Conrad, a famous collector of wrestling memorabilia and podcaster, tweeted, the same day the news of the breakup between the two was released: "Don't believe everything you read online, even if it is 'confirmed'

it's 'exclusive' I just wanted to say it." Obviously, as always, we have to see if the two involved will decide to say something publicly or not, but the feeling is that for now, they have decided to distance themselves only on social media without posting things together to calm things down after Andrade did not say very nice things about the WWE, where the girlfriend still works.

In the aftermath of a reportedly non-mutual break-up, the two superstars might be happy to be competing in different promotions now. There are no other details as to what went down and caused the break-up, but wrestling fans will be sad to see the alleged end of one of wrestling's biggest power couples. Andrade maintained a good relationship with Ric Flair throughout their time together.

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