Latest news on Jeff Hardy's condition

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Latest news on Jeff Hardy's condition
Latest news on Jeff Hardy's condition (Provided by Wrestling World)

Jeff Hardy is undoubtedly one of WWE's historic wrestlers. The wrestler was the protagonist of a quite particular episode that has alarmed and worried much of the WWE Universe. During the WWE Supershow event in Edinburgh, Texas, Jeff Hardy was participating in a three-way Tag Team Match against Bloodline and paired with Drew McIntyre and Xavier Woods when he suddenly left the ring and walked away escorted by safety in the crowd.

As reported by colleagues at PWInsider The Charismatic Enigma he was sent home by the company as he had a rough night. It is unclear what everyone meant regarding this situation but the wrestler seemed quite lazy over the course of the ring.

New details on Jeff Hardy

During a live stream on his Househardy Twitch channel, AEW wrestler Matt Hardy and brother of the WWE superstar answered a question from a fan about his brother's condition. As it should be Matt had a vague attitude but at the same time he wanted to reassure the WWE Universe: "I talked to Jeff Hardy for a while during the day and I can say that he is fine, everything is ok.

And I think he will be fine, but now I want to reiterate this once again, this is none of my business. If he wants to talk in detail about this situation he will do it directly. But Jeff stays home and is fine. However, it is none of my business and it is not my story to tell or explain and I certainly would not be clear about this situation, as I would not be objective, I love my brother and I just want him to be well and healthy.

And more or less I can say that it is." Despite this situation, Jeff Hardy will return to the ring in the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown where he will go into the ring to face Happy Corbin. During the last episode of the blue brand, Jeff Hardy and Drew McIntyre were the protagonists of the talk show Happy Talk by King Corbin and Madcap Moss and the brawl broke out between the parties.

This week there will be a continuation of this situation. Last week on Friday Night SmackDown, Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy were guests on King Corbin and Madcap Moss' Happy Talk talk show. A brawl broke out between the two parties, setting a match for this week's episode of the blue brand. Former King of the Ring winner Happy Corbin will collide with former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy.

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