RAW: Liv Morgan's amazing reaction


RAW: Liv Morgan's amazing reaction

During the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the match valid for the WWE female title was staged between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan. The former member of the Riott Squad thus found herself in front of one of the greatest occasions of her life and the two staged a good match.

Liv fought to the limit and was close to success, but in the end it was Becky, the great Irish wrestler, who took home the victory, once again using an incorrect maneuver and thus cheating the inexperienced opponent.

What's next for Liv Morgan?

At the end of Raw, a still quite upset Liv Morgan released important statements about the challenge, all to the microphones of WWE correspondent Sarah Schreiber: "I have so many things to say and think about, but I don't want to cry.

Not at all the result I wanted, but I know I made my family proud anyway. I know I have made my mother and my friends proud, my fans and I am also happy with the challenge. Only the result did not go the way I wanted, but she needed to cheat to win and this story is by no means over.

We will see you next week and we will talk about it better." The feud between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan has been going on for several weeks and makes the WWE Universe absolutely very curious. To cause some controversy and buzz around this plot was the choice by the WWE to involve superstars in the storyline released given the words of Becky a few weeks ago to provoke the opponent.

The Man had said, in fact, in a backstage promo with the two interviewed wrestlers, that Liv had embarrassed everyone with her nom still being champion, including her friends who were no longer part of the company and Liv responded in the next episode blaming Becky for the two layoffs and claiming that WWE pays her too much and there is no money for it for other people.

Here's what Liv had to say about her promo: "Was it hard for me to say what I said? No. Because Becky has brought up my friends. She's brought up my friends not being here. And after my segment, I got texted from my friends saying how proud they were and how amazing they thought it was.

So I don't think there were any hard feelings. I know I'm kind of addressing something that may feel like an elephant in the room or maybe taboo, but these are things that are happening. And I don't think I said anything wrong. Do you think I said something wrong?"

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