Bron Breakker pays tribute to Triple H

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Bron Breakker pays tribute to Triple H

During his long career in WWE, Triple H earned a whopping 24 titles and was a 14-time world champion. He also won the 1997 edition of the 'King of the Ring' tournament, the Royal Rumble (in 2002 and 2016) and was the second winner of the Grand Slam Championship.

The Game was the leader of two factions that went down in history, namely 'Evolution' and 'D-Generation X' His appearances in the ring have become increasingly sporadic in recent years, thanks to the advancing age and the intensification of his managerial contribution.

HHH was undoubtedly the main architect of the birth of NXT, as well as making the 'Black and Gold' brand a great alternative to the Raw and Smackdown shows. The 52-year-old from Nashua recently underwent delicate heart surgery, from which he is still recovering.

It goes without saying that Triple H has been a source of inspiration for many young superstars. Host of the 'ViBe & Wrestling' show, up and coming NXT star Bron Breakker has admitted that he has always been a huge Hunter of Hunter.

Bron Breakker on his passion for Triple H

“Triple H was one of my biggest idols as I was growing up. I've always loved his style of him in the ring. He didn't need to perform spectacular flights to make himself incisive, being gifted with exceptional charisma.

He was truly a beast” - said Bron Breakker. “I also really enjoyed Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle, from whom I tried to learn as much as possible. All of them were true masters when it came to telling a story in the ring” - he added.

Recently, well-known reporter Wade Keller illustrated why HHH will never leave WWE. “The relationship between Stephanie, Triple H and Vince McMahon is not only about the professional sphere, but there are also emotional implications.

The Game could not move away from WWE without this having a negative impact on family dynamics” - he explained. Franky Monet admitted in her heartfelt post that she is leaving the company a 'little broken' However, she thanked Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and WWE for giving her the opportunity to work with industry veterans during her short stay with the promotion.

"Well, that didn't go as planned!" said Monet. "First and foremost, I would like to thank WWE for allowing me to live my dream, even if it was cut short. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement; I'm confused, hurt, sad and honestly mad.

I came there as one of the top luchadoras of our era and honestly leaving there a little broken."

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