Is WWE preparing a big push for Omos?

Omos and AJ Styles are definitely going to split on the RAW after WWE Survivor Series or a few weeks from now

by Simone Brugnoli
Is WWE preparing a big push for Omos?

In recent months, one of the protagonists of Monday Night Raw has undoubtedly been Omos, an athlete of the WWE red roster, who has been joined by AJ Styles in the most important part of his career, which has just begun in the WWE rings.

After months at the side of Phenomenal One, both as tag-team champions of the red show and as a simple team of challengers, it seems that air of split is starting is brewing between the two, with the last episode of the red show that has started a storyline that will bring most likely at the separation of the two, in the coming weeks.

Already during the Draft a few months ago, WWE had intended to split the couple, with Styles who seemed to be able to do little with Omos at his side to be towed on-screen to Raw, with the management who preferred to postpone plans for a possible split, because Omos did not seem to be ready to take his first steps outside of the tag-team arena in front of the company's cameras yet.

The latest news on Omos

After hearing The Undertaker's words towards Omos, in one of his latest interviews, where the now-retired Deadman joined the image of Omos with that of the legendary giant of the then WWF, we learn that several other insiders would think of you as the undertaker.

In his latest update from the Wrestling Observer microphones, Dave Meltzer also wanted to have his say, saying that Omos could easily be the new version of what André The Giant has been for decades for WWF audiences, obviously in times and ways different.

In his update, Meltzer indeed stated: "I think and feel this is the way to get him to become a sort of André The Giant babyface, so this is the way to get him there, yes." In this case, therefore, AJ Styles would be the villain of the situation, with Omos who should therefore move further and further away from Phenomenal One, until his definitive turn face, which will detach him from the former WWE Champion, probably also starting a feud between the two.

The season premiere episode of WWE RAW kicked off tonight with a bang. A Triple Tag Team match was contested between The Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode), Alpha Academy, and The Street Profits to determine the new No.

1 contenders to the RAW Tag Team Champions. Ford and Dawkins were about to seal the deal, but Omos made his way to the ring and interfered in the match.

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