Kyle O'Reilly close to leaving WWE

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Kyle O'Reilly close to leaving WWE

In recent weeks we have done nothing but talk about the agreements of Johnny Gargano and that of Kyle O'Reilly, which are now expiring, with that of WarGames which could have been the last great ppv in which the two participated.

If O'Reilly's contract ended in these days, Gargano's had already ended, but by mutual agreement with the company, the former NXT Champion had renewed it for about a week, to make sure that he could take part in TakeOver of NXT, without leaving the company in trouble.

After their WarGames matches and the last appearance of tonight, however, it seems that the departure of both from NXT is now official because neither of them wanted to renew their agreement with the McMahons, signing a new contract with the federation by Stamford.

Kyle O'Reilly had a stellar career

Kyle O'Reilly's journey with the NXT brand is indicative of the degree of uncertainty that comes with being a WWE Superstar. Outgrowing the shadow of The Undisputed Era, O'Reilly broke into the main event scene and seemed destined for a coronation in 2021.

During the night, we listened to the words of Johnny Gargano, who gave a speech for the WWE Universe, in which he announced that in February he will become a father and thus wants to carry on some personal projects, here and there, which could make him absent.

for some time. The athlete has not clearly stated that he will leave NXT, but it is now almost certain that the address is that. As the athlete made his speech, the former NXT Champion was attacked by Grayson Waller, with WWE leaving the door open for his possible feud, in case he wanted to renew.

If not, Johnny Gargano will simply have thrown an athlete on the launch pad, with his latest effort for WWE being to send over a colleague. As for Kyle O'Reilly, the athlete had his last match against Von Wagner in the night, with the former Undisputed Era who showed up in front of Gargano at the end of the show, when the NXT cameras had already turned off, to greet fans and sign autographs, a sign that the athlete should also be done with WWE.

After the end of the show, Gargano also greeted all and different fans present and insiders, they declared how Gargano was in tears from the beginning to the end of the segment. They had a stellar, unsanctioned match at Takeover: Stand & Deliver and a Three Stages of Hell sequel at Takeover 36. O'Reilly left with his hand raised on both occasions.