Raw: Bobby Lashley is unstoppable

WWE already has a big surprise ready for Raw and SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
Raw: Bobby Lashley is unstoppable

The TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS QUEEN ZELINA & CARMELLA arrive on the stage, with Muneca singing it and playing it! After the previous segment came to a close, Bobby Lashley emerged on WWE RAW. He attacked Big E, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins to make his own statement.

He unloaded with a handful of Spears and applied Hurt Locks all around to lay waste to all the three men involved in the segment. It was an interesting call to have Lashley appear, especially with Big E, Rollins, and KO already set to compete at WWE Day 1.

Bobby Lashley emerged on WWE RAW

Speaking to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the “Broken Skull Sessions” Bobby Lashley revealed, “I was going to the bank. I just went there to go deposit some money, do some bank stuff.

So I got into the back of the line. First, when I walked in, three guys were standing outside. Now that I look back, it was kinda stupid. But I wouldn’t think that this was gonna happen. They had like bandanas kind of on their neck.

You would think they’re coming to rob the bank. I go inside, I get some money out of the ATM, and then I go into the line. As soon as I get into the line is like bam! bam! And when I first heard it, all the ladies that were in the round part were facing the door so they were like screaming and dropping down.

I was like, I turned, and when I turned — I later found out because I saw this video — the bullet just went ring over [my face]." Nikki ASH w Rhea Ripley Vs Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina w Carmella The match did not last long, with Zelina Vega winning after reversing a move by Nikki.

The only positive note? Carmella's look! And the first part of RAW ends on the images of the two champions! Riddle and Randy Orton had another silly backstage segment on WWE RAW. Both joined the commentary team for the match between The Street Profits and the team of AJ Styles and Omos.

The Street Profits picked up the pace early and worked over Styles for a while. Omos helped Styles take Dawkins out and came into the ring to target the former Tag Team Champion. “The guy, when he kicked open the door, I don’t know if it was a reflex and he shot or if he really wanted to shoot.

I don’t know what it was. But he kicked open the door, and he’s boom! He’s going. When he did that, I just took a dive down to the ground. Soon as I hit the ground, it was like thud! It was just pure panic. I was shaking, but I was like, almost feel like pushing myself through the concrete like trying to disappear and be calm.

And then I heard another shot. I move forward a little bit, I was like ‘No no don’t move. Relax relax relax”.

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