Raw: Damian Priest defended his title

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Raw: Damian Priest defended his title

The second part of the red show opens backstage, where we find the RK-BRO COUPLE CHAMPIONS! Randy Orton doesn't seem convinced of the tournament, while Riddle manages to convince the Viper to wear an unwatchable jacket! Behind the scenes, we see NIKKI ASH and RHEA RIPLEY receiving an autograph request from a fan, but in reality, the paper was for JERRY THE KING LAWLER!

Separation coming? -RK-Bro Tournament for the N ^ 1 for the RAW Tag Team Championship: Street Profits Vs Aj Styles & Omos The Phenomenal has regained his sight and dominates the first few minutes of battle alongside Lukaku.

Styles manages the operations, but Omos takes over and starts attacking the Street Profits outside the ring ... 8 ... 9 ... 10 !!! INCREDIBLE!!! OMOS GETS COUNTED OUT AND THE STREET PROFITS GO TO THE FINAL !!! AJ and Omos confront each other ...

BUT OMOS GOES AWAY!!! Damian Priest issued another open challenge for the United States Championship on WWE RAW. Robert Roode answered his call. Roode was impressive throughout the contest as he sold Damian Priest's moves well.

He even delivered some stunning moves of his own, including a Backbreaker that nearly won him the match.

Damian Priest issued another open challenge

RIDDLE arrives in the ring, but Styles refuses the interview and replies badly!

Riddle and Orton just question each other! Backstage the RAW BECKY LYNCH CHAMPION is interviewed, who says it will be a great night but only for Liv Morgan! -United States Championship: United States Champion Damien Priest Vs Robert Roode w Dolph Ziggler Despite the goodwill of the Glorious, Priest wins almost quickly after overturning the GLORIOUS DTT E ...

RECKONING TO SIGN !!! DAMIAN PRIEST REMAINS US CHAMPION !!! Damian raises his belt ... SUPERKICK OF DOLPH ZIGGLER !!! Priest watches black pissed as the Show-Off appears to challenge the US champion! However, Damian Priest never stays back.

Even, he showed his speed to counter Nakamura. Both men continued in an intense battle, beating each other ruthlessly. And while Priest clearly held the advantage when it came to raw strength, he could not use it well. While the match was itself epic, Priest got irritated before the fight commenced.

Rick Boogs gave a build-up with the guitar for Nakamura, which irritated Preist while Pat McAffe danced over the beat on the announce desk. Both men in furious battle exchanged huge blows, with Preist getting the better of Nakamura.

In the final moments of the match, Preist got irritated by Rick Boogs and showed his dark side.

Raw Damian Priest