Raw: The Miz hosted Edge on his show

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Raw: The Miz hosted Edge on his show
Raw: The Miz hosted Edge on his show (Provided by Wrestling World)

Bianca Belair Vs Doudrop Bianca manages to overturn a tremendous start and close to success after a Crossbody. The EST resists a Splash and tries the miracle ... KOD TO SIGN ... BUT DOUDROP IS TOO HEAVY AND LEAVES THE RING !!!

DOUDROP GETS COUNTED OUT AND WHITE WINS THE MATCH !!! In the office of MR MCMAHON, AUSTIN THEORY arrives once again, who seems to have made peace with the Chairman. It's time for MIZ TV! THE MIZ arrives on the ring, who immediately introduces his guest ...


The Miz hosted Hall of Famer Edge

The Miz hosted Hall of Famer Edge on this week’s episode of Miz TV on WWE RAW. He recalled his war of words with Edge last week before bringing him out. The two men picked up from where they’d left off and slowly started to take some shots at each other.

After a bit of to-and-fro, The Miz challenged Edge to a match at WWE Day 1. The Rated-R Superstar gladly accepted his challenge. The Awesome mocks the Memphis crowd and claims to be better than the Canadian, while the Rated-R Superstar claims that Miz sucks (blunt and concise)!

Then Mizanin openly challenges Edge for Day 1 and the Canadian accepts, even though he would like to face the dancer right now! Miz refuses and ... EDGE SCARES HIM AND HE'S LAUGHING !!! And on the images of Edge satisfied, the second part of RAW ends!

Making his debut in 1998 on Raw, Edge climbed the ladder to the top. Edge has had an incredible journey with the WWE and has seen and done it all. Edge is a former 11 time WWE Champion. His WWE journey is worth watching. From the Attitude Era till today, Edge has given his best and remains a fan favorite.

The 11-time Champ has always been involved in interesting storylines and finds a way to get the spotlight. Edge gave his best to make his matches entertaining for the fans and perform at the top level. ‘The Ultimate Opportunist’ always craved for bigger matches and each time he stepped in the ring he wanted to improve.

He destroyed many WWE superstars in the ring with his finishing spear and has had feuds with many WWE Superstars like Jeff Hardy, John Cena, The Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton, Triple H, and many more. Many of the matches proved his athleticism even in his 40s.

Recently, he ended his feud with Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel in a Hell in a Cell match. It was one of the most heated rivalries in WWE history.

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