Former WWE writer takes a shot at Big E

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Former WWE writer takes a shot at Big E

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw opened with an untitled match between WWE Champion Big E and Kevin Owens. The two will soon compete, together with Seth Rollins, in a Triple Threat Match in the next Pay Per View of Day1, a show to be held on January 1, 2022.

This Monday's episode saw the champion win quite clearly. He repelled Seth Rollins' assault from the outside and finished with a Big Ending on the WWE Prizefighter. Then he came out of the ring crowning the victory and closing the accounts with the Messiah.

Subsequently, however, the former champion Bobby Lashley made his entry who made himself felt attacking all three rivals.

Backstage news on Big E

The reign in WWE as a Big E champion is not liked by many and many indeed say that WWE cannot exalt the abilities of a strong champion like the New Day member.

During the last episode of Legion of Raw, former WWE Vince Russo attacked Big E and the way the WWE handles its champions. Vince Russo criticized the choice to have the WWE Champion 'crawl' out of the ring. Here are his words about it: "A lot of people watching the show are younger than me and maybe not everyone will be able to grasp the comparison.

I know that babyface often takes heavy attacks and that's okay, even Rocky at some point seems to be knocked out in the film. But in the end you can't get the champion almost crawling out of the cage and instead WWE made Big E crawl out.

This can't be your champion, someone like Hulk Hogan would never have done this, he would have stood up even bleeding and he would get up thanks to the ropes and come out as a winner. A champion should never crawl, especially if you then think that it is Kevin Owens as an opponent, he was not a great wrestler such as Drew McIntyre or Bobby Lashley." Speaking on RAW Talk, Big E said he is open to defending his WWE Championship against anyone on the roster.

He also gave credit to Rollins for defeating Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio in the hard-fought ladder match. “I just wanna see the best versus the best, so for me… hats off to Seth," said Big E. "I think he’s incredible.

All four combatants are incredible. You got legends in there, future Hall of Famers… I’m excited. Seth Rollins, man, he’s a legend, he’s a living legend, he’s obviously a future first-ballot Hall of Famer."

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