Parker Boudreaux will debut next week

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Parker Boudreaux will debut next week

In recent weeks, dozens of new WWE Superstars have debuted on NXT 2.0 TV screens, with some big names trying to emerge on the roster, such as that of the son of art, Bron Breakker, son of the legendary Rick. Steiner and grandson of the even more famous Scott Steiner, who has already had a great feud with the absolute champion of the NXT roster: Tommaso Ciampa.

Among the many presented in the NXT rings, the WWE also wanted to include Joe Gacy, an athlete with a particular gimmick, who has already received both much success and a lot of criticism, coming to make WWE think of trashing his character, only to then think about it again.

'last second. In recent weeks, Joe Gacy arrives accompanied to the square of the WWE third roster by a bald man, named Harland, whom many know, but do not really know that he would be one of the most talked-about athletes before his debut in front of NXT cameras.

Parker Boudreaux has reportedly been signed to WWE recently. The former American football star has been compared to Brock Lesnar multiple times by WWE fans, due to his look and physique.

The latest news on Parker Boudreaux

Until a few weeks ago, Harland had in fact a thick hair on his head and his name was Parker Boudreaux.

Many, in WWE but also outside, have for weeks compared Parker to the now legendary WWE Superstar, Brock Lesnar, with his massive physique and stiff style (which we have not yet seen in the ring) that would be very reminiscent of the Beast of the company, currently in a feud with Roman Reigns.

Apparently, WWE would now have preferred to make a noticeable change of look to his boyfriend and would have given him the name of Harland, so as to join him with Joe Gacy, to try to make him grow better. His debut in the NXT rings will come next week, with Harland facing his first real opponent (no one knows who he will be yet) in the rings of the colorful show of the federation.

The news was given live tonight during the latest episode of the third WWE brand, with the show's entire roster being warned. Riddle continued, discussing Parker Boudreaux giving himself a new nickname on social media. "So you never know, only time will tell but right now I think that Parker guy, that Boudreaux guy… I don’t know if that’s the name he’s going to stick with or whatever because I think he called himself 'The Destroyer of Gods'

I don’t know if that’s gonna make it and pass the writing team, you never know."